acoustic guitar - close up

All Strings Attached: 3 Super Useful Tips For Your Guitar Learning Journey

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hi there, I am no pro at playing guitar. However, I surely am someone who loves and lives music. My music journey started “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away! (Pun Intended ‘😉 ) Although music has always been with me, I got introduced to the ‘Rock’ genre and ‘Guitar in real sense’ when I moved out of school. One of my best friends got admission in engineering and that’s when it all began. I can never forget the very first CD he burnt for me, a Moser Baer one, with a collection of 17 Rock videos …

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durga pujo

Pujo From Home – The New Normal For Bengalis in 2020

Reading Time: 9 minutes One of the most relevant Durga Pujo memes doing rounds this year was the one that showed a month and a half gap between Mahalaya and Saptami as if, maintaining social distancing. It was like the universe’s way of warning us, that this year, Pujo is not going to be the same! Every year Mahalaya comes with the first wave of autumn breeze in the air (what we Bengalis call Pujor gondho), the excitement rises up and the countdown begins! As soon as Bengalis all over the world hear the first song “Jaago, tumi jaago…” of the Mahishasur Mardini album, …

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Planted Saplings - Gardening for Beginners

Gardening for Beginners: 6 Easy Tips for a Charming Home Garden

Reading Time: 8 minutes A lush blooming garden not only attracts butterflies and birds, but also sweet compliments. Growing a garden may seem daunting at first glance, and you might find a thousand excuses to not getting your hands dirty (literally); but believe you me, it doesn’t call for beginner’s luck. Watching those green leaves and colorful flowers dance in the wind with a smile is surely worth the effort. And as gardeners would agree, nothing tastes better than fresh vegetables you grow at home. Gardening is one of the easiest and more rewarding pastimes for beginners to pick up. Why else thousands of …

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Bandish Bandits – A Binge-Worthy Musical Journey You Wish Had Never Ended

Reading Time: 6 minutes “Kharaj ka riyaaz karo…jitna neeche se gaaoge, utna upar ja sakoge” (Practice Kharaj…the more you practice the lower octaves, better will be your higher notes). When I heard these lines coming from Panditji played by Naseeruddin Shah, I knew this wasn’t a half-baked series loosely based on Hindustani Classical music. Director Anand Tiwari and his team of writers had done their homework, and how! Apart from the obvious power performances by Bandish Bandit’s creme cast Naseer Sahab and Atul Kulkarni, the series was filled with musical moments that took me back to my own Indian classical training memories. I might …

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workstation while working from anywhere

Here’s How We Slayed “Work From Anywhere” – Oh, and Thank You Uttarakhand!

Reading Time: 10 minutes 4 months of being at home; 120 days of staring at each other and at others through virtual calls; an eternity of wondering if this would ever end. We were done. Couldn’t work from home 1 more minute, couldn’t hear the same sounds day in and day out, couldn’t attend one more online class with the child, or sit through one more webinar. We were done. But obviously COVID didn’t know that. It kept spreading, kept scaring everyone. As the fear of infection and dying morphed into exhaustion and frustration, we knew we had to get away. But go where? …

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food nostalgia - stories and memories

Sunday Lunch Memories: A Soulful Trip Through Three Nostalgic Indian Dishes

Reading Time: 7 minutes Sunday has always been one of my favourite days, where I can set its pace to either slow, relaxed, bound to the couch, or to a complete roller coaster ride with family, friends, and experiences. The most anticipated and significant part of it all, being our Sunday luncheon. I don’t like a lavish Sunday breakfast as I am too fond of sleeping in and I prefer dinners to be light, easy, or a takeaway. So I always love a good sumptuous lunch. During the lockdown, people carried out Dalgona challenge, made a sourdough starter, and even experimented with drool-worthy new …

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I have a joke cover image

“I Have A Joke” Tweets That Are Breaking The Internet – A Compilation

Reading Time: 2 minutes “I have a joke” one liners have taken the twitter world by storm. Personally, this has been one of the wittiest trends to go viral since I signed up on Twitter more than a decade ago. From tax cuts to unemployment to marathons to startups, there is a joke about everything. Amidst the pandemic, these memes and jokes have managed to keep the spirits high. The mania started with users sharing jokes on different professions. Very soon, it picked up stereotypes, issues, causes and controversies. Most organisations were fast picking up the trend and share their voice in the hope …

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Lotus Temple, Delhi, India. Pictures from a plane window

23 Breathtaking Aerial Pictures From A Plane Window

Reading Time: 8 minutes Pictures from a plane window give a surprising aerial view of the landscape (and of course, a different perspective of the place). For this, me & and my camera, both remain ready during flight take-offs & landings. Here are some selected pictures taken from a plane window, amongst several attempts, across various travels. ALL photographs in this article are clicked by me. Viewing Tip: For best views, turn your device to landscape mode and then reload the page. 1.  Batam Island, Indonesia – From a Plane Window This is ”Funtasy Island Resort” (official name is Pulau Manis). It’s a part …

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Scariest horror movies masalamug cover

Scariest Horror Movies! Which Of These 10 Foreign Films Have You Seen?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Horror movies are highly underrated. And when I say “horror” I do not mean slasher, gory bloodbath fest with guts & brains spilling out everywhere. As a true horror junkie, I believe the real art of making a good horror flick is to scare the shit out of you without necessarily having to use visual details. The very reason why films like “The Shining” and “Ju-on” are considered to be some of the world’s scariest films is they actually have haunting powers. You can’t unsee what you saw and forget what you felt! My partner and I have been ardent …

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