Sunset over the Perast Bay

12 Picture Postcards From Montenegro For A Quick Virtual Trip

Reading Time: 5 minutes Don’t you love postcards? Pictures from people’s travels with personalised short messages with it. Don’t you feel the warmth and love that someone remembered you in those moments? As a kid, I have always been fascinated with them. So, here I am, sharing some ‘digital postcards” from my travel to Montenegro.   1. Mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos  A panoramic view from the Mausoleum like no other, you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.   A popular tourist attraction of Lovcen, and officially the highest mausoleum in the world, sits at the top of its second highest peak (Jezersky …

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horror movies in 2023

Best Horror Movies of 2023 To Binge-Watch On Netflix/Prime This Halloween

Reading Time: 7 minutes 2023 has been the lollapalooza of spine-chilling horror movies, the Mardi Gras for scare junkies. From friendly spirits to evil animatronic humanoids, and from demonic possessions to gut-wrenching body horrors – the year has been mind-leeched (Yes, that’s too a 2023 movie!) with some of the best horror flicks of the decade. Not to forget, Renfield and The Last Voyage of the Demeter, which revived the good old memoirs of Count Dracula. And it’s just September! With Halloween just around the corner, confess your darkest secrets and absolve yourself of your sins to step into this eerie horror hole. Here …

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15 Binge-Worthy Murder Mystery Webseries You Absolutely Must Watch Now

Reading Time: 11 minutes There is a reason why Agatha Christie (The Queen of Mystery!), who wrote more than a century ago, is the second highest-selling author to date, after Shakespeare. Google it if you don’t believe me, I insist! And when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle decided to kill off his character Sherlock in the “Final Problem” in 1893, what happened? People were absolutely enraged which led to a mass-outcry against Sherlock’s death. The author was forced to resurrect him, against his wish, if I may add. We, as humans are obsessed with mystery more than we’re ready to admit. The crime, the psychology …

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Finger-lickin' Biryani joints in London

The Ultimate Guide to Biryani in London: ‘THE’ Best Places to Get Your Fix

Reading Time: 7 minutes “Biryani is not food, it’s an emotion“! Whose quote is that you ask? Only every Biryani Lover in the world. An exquisite cuisine, a comfort food, or a go-to meal – call it whatever you want. With 2.28 orders per second, biryani was the most ordered item on food-delivery platforms in India consistently over the last three years. So what does a true blue biryani lover like me do when he moves from Delhi to London? Well, he starts the process, ofcourse. Of carefully researching. Painstakingly hiking to different places of London on cold wintry nights. And starts tasting ’em. …

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Kipchoge taking Energy gels for running

Energy Gels for Running – Easy Explanation and Comparison

Reading Time: 7 minutes In less than 6 weeks, I am planning to be at the starting line of the Chicago Marathon and in 10 weeks, the New York Marathon. This month will be peak mileage which means that fuelling will play a key role to ensure spot-on training sessions and fast recovery for the next workout. In the past, I have tried multiple energy gels but they were all recommendations from my running community without a first hand research. Now that I am about to buy gels in bulk for this racing season (and I’ve got more conscious about what I consume), I …

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