Habits to increase intelligence

7 Amazing Habits To Increase Intelligence: A Guide

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‘Your brain has a superpower. All you need to do is to exercise it.’ 

It is possible to develop these habits to increase intelligence at any point of life. Here are 10 habits that you can inculcate in order to elevate your lifestyle and increase intelligence. You can surely transform your life with a higher IQ and develop a daily ritual to become smarter. Nevertheless, the question lies – How to increase IQ? These habits will help you increase your IQ levels to 160, 200 and 300. 

Hey brainy one, are you ready for this?

1. Reading: Say Yes To Brain Power!

Reading helps in increasing IQ
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Developing a habit of reading frequently is a huge IQ booster. If you think you’ll become smarter by reading, well, that’s actually true. The habit of reading helps us build ‘Fluid Intelligence’. It is the immense ability to solve problems or issues, understand and acknowledge meaningful patterns. Reading also helps a person develop emotional intelligence. A person’s ability to concentrate and focus is also improved through reading. It’s a hobby that can be turned into a habit to reap the best of its benefits, especially the intellectual ones.

2. Keep a Journal: Develop Writing Habit To Inspire Creativity

Practice writing a journal
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Would you like to explore your writing skills? Are you looking for a way to pen down your thoughts in the best possible way? Journaling is your go-to. 

It reduces stress levels and is said to improve immune function. Well, yes, it has the power to decrease the risk of ailment. Since journaling involves writing, it keeps the brain healthy and develops the memory and comprehension skills of an individual. Journaling gives you the opportunity to reflect upon yourself, set achievable goals and organise your thoughts and ideas.

3. Develop A Workout Routine: Exercise To Nourish Your Body & Mind

Develop a workout routine
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Exercise is a healthy way of improving your IQ levels. A few benefits include sharpening focus and enhancement in the memory-recall function. Overall, developing a work-out routine will enhance your productivity. Make sure that you exercise everyday. Remember to be consistent and keep following this routine of yours. It is bound to improve the cognitive functions of the brain. If your body stays healthy, so does your mind. That’s the universal truth.

4. Learning a New Language: Say Goodbye to Brain Aging!

Learn a new language as  a brain exercise
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Language is difficult to get acquainted with. And, learning a new one – that’s even more difficult.  However, understand that learning a new language is a boon for your brain. It has several advantages. 

Few benefits are:

  • Increases intelligence
  • Improves focus
  • Sharpens your mind

No matter how old you grow, learning a new language does no harm. Learning a new language, if developed as a habit and studied everyday, is a great move for your brain in the long run.

5. Crosswords Or Puzzles: Brain Simulators To The Core

Solving puzzles are brain stimulators
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You’ll be surprised by the number of people who solve crosswords diligently every morning. But wait, why do they solve those and why should you join the bandwagon?

Well, crosswords challenge the brain to think, ponder upon and take the right action. This keeps your brain active and helps you deal with various kinds of situations in life, just like the path you follow in a crossword. Involvement of both hands and eyes increases your level of focus. You can function better in daily situations where loss of focus is common. Moreover, crosswords or puzzles are a great way to provide simulation to the brain and the amount of logical thinking and creative skills you will develop through these can do wonders.

6. Chess: Enriched Cognitive Abilities & Food For The Brain

Playing chess enriches cognitive abilities
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Chess is a complex sport and no wonder, it is considered a game of the smart people around the globe. Playing chess enhances cognitive abilities and helps your brain function better. Playing chess involves many tactics, strategies and technical steps to remember. If you can practice to keep those in mind, you’ll surely have an improved memory.

In the end, it’s all about strategy. The strategic thinking you implement while playing Chess proves to be helpful in work and study environments. Chess needs a lot of attention and focus. So, if you lose it, you may lose the game. The mind develops a better attention span and brain function if you develop a habit of playing Chess regularly and consistently. 

Take a quick look at some new hobbies you could learn that might help you increase your IQ.

7. Play a Musical Instrument: High IQ says ‘Hi!’

Pick an instrument and start learning how to play
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According to studies, playing a musical instrument can raise IQ by 10 % . Music uplifts your mood and thus, heals wounds in your heart. Playing a musical instrument is basically training the brain to listen to sounds quickly thus, helping receive apt and accurate information. Practising everyday improves connectivity of neurons and this ideally helps in memory retention and retrieval of information. Surprisingly, it is believed that it can help a person combat something as dangerous as dementia and improve IQ levels.

Lastly, it’s essential to train your brain and polish your memory with the help of these habits and others. Good diet and sufficient sleep are also some of the significant habits that help you sustain a healthy functional brain.

Which of these habits to increase intelligence will you pick up as an adult? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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