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6 Best Foreign Languages To Learn For Jobs And Better Career Opportunities

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You must be wondering, “why should I take the trouble of learning a new language when I’m already able to speak in my mother tongue and English.”

The ability to speak a foreign language is no less than a cherry on a cake. With global businesses becoming popular, having a deep knowledge of a foreign language has become a necessity in certain fields. Businesses need people who can communicate and understand their clients from all over the world. So, a bilingual employee has a better chance of standing out than the rest of the employees.

Perks of being a multilingual- a necessity in certain fields:

  1. Having fluency in a foreign language increases the chances of being hired and positions employees for promotions.
  2. The ability to speak in a foreign language is directly proportional to pay. Man, who doesn’t love money!

So, now that you’re determined to learn a foreign language, your next questions probably are:

  • What is the best foreign language to learn in 2021?
  • Which foreign language advances my career opportunities?
  • Which language pays well?
  • What is the best foreign language to learn for IT professionals?

To make the selection easy for you, we compiled the 6 best foreign languages to learn for jobs in 2021. Take a look:

1. French

Learning French could benefit you
Image Source: Pixabay

“Quels sont vos objectifs de carrière”

Hey, don’t get afraid of seeing this. It simply means, “what are your career goals?”

“Navya, you want me to learn French to ask people about their career goals! Are you kidding me?”

 Absolutely no! Before you jump to conclusions, let me give you 2 major reasons why French is the best foreign language to learn for jobs in 2021.

  1. French is an official language in 29 countries and a secondary language in 28 countries. So, by now, you might have anticipated that French is not going to ditch us any time soon!
  2. We can’t deny the fact that most MNCs are from Europe. So learning French can be an added asset and opens the door for more job opportunities.  

Now that you are convinced to consider learning French, why not start with “Quels sont vos objectifs de carrière?”

2. Spanish

Learn Spanish as a foreign language for jobs
Image Source: Pixabay

Are you looking for a simple and best foreign language to learn for jobs? Then Spanish comes to your rescue.

2 reasons why you should consider learning Spanish:

  1. Spanish is a global language and the second most spoken language in the world by native speakers. It is estimated that roughly 138 million people will speak Spanish in the US by 2050. So, if you are considering moving to the US, learning Spanish can be a perfect choice.

     2.   Speaking a second language can make you stand out in the market. If you are in line with people who possess similar skills as you do, then knowing Spanish could be a deciding factor to get you the final offer.

3. Mandarin Chinese

Most population of China speak Chinese Mandarin
Image Source: Pixabay

“Ah, please don’t talk about Chinese.”

Man, I have to because Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language on the earth and the second most used language on the internet. Who knows! Speaking Mandarin Chinese can no more be an added advantage, but nearly a necessity.

Why should you consider Mandarin Chinese as the best foreign language to learn for jobs?

  1. Chinese is estimated to be the language of the future. China expanded its business footprints in India in the 1990s. So, the ability to speak Mandarin Chinese can get you a competitive edge.
  2. It is assumed that not many people in China can speak other languages, including English. If you are planning to set up a business in China, speaking Mandarin Chinese  is a must.

4. German

German is one of the most scientific languages
Image Source: Pixabay

German is the second most popular foreign language in India after French and the most widely spoken language in Europe. Germany is the third largest contributor to research and development and German is the second most scientific language. Hence, German can be the best foreign language to learn for jobs.

2 compelling reasons to learn German:

  1. German universities have an outstanding international reputation. If you are planning to study abroad, Germany can be an excellent choice. When you complete higher education in Germany, companies will look for people who understand their clients better. So the ability to speak German can fetch you the offer.
  2. Germany is leading in technology and the field of engineering. So having knowledge about German can enhance your career opportunities in education, research, medicine, IT industry, tourism, hospitality, media, entertainment, logistics, and the automobile industry.

5. Japanese

Japanese has very few competition so it's a safe bet to learn
Image Source: Pixabay

“Made in Japan”

You might have seen it 1000s of times on products. So, it’s pretty obvious that Japan manufactures innumerous high-quality and advanced products. The India-Japan relationship has been progressing, and hence Japan is expanding its base in India.

Here’s why you should consider Japanese as the best foreign language to learn for jobs.

  1. Japanese is considered a difficult language for learners. So only a few people can speak it. Which means you have less competition and a highly competitive edge.
  2. Since many Japanese are monolingual, there’s high demand for Japanese translators and interpreters.

6. Portuguese

Learn Portugese as an Europen foreign language
Image Source: Pixabay

“Navya, Is Portuguese even worth my time?”

Of course, yes! Portuguese is the official language of the world’s rising economies. It is widely spoken in four continents. With the Brazil-India relationship getting more intensified, employees who can speak Portuguese are more in demand in India.

Benefits of learning Portuguese:

  1. Having proficiency in Portuguese is a gateway to other romance languages like French, Spanish and Italian because the languages overlap in vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.
  2. Portuguese is widely spoken across the world by native speakers. But, not many foreigners speak Portuguese. So, if you can speak Portuguese, the chances of grabbing the attention of Brazil-based companies are high.

Best foreign language to learn for jobs is a language that is aligned with your goals, interests and career. Investing time, effort and money in learning a new language will not go wrong.

So which foreign language did you decide to learn after all? Tell us about your experience of learning a new language in the comments section!

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