Clubhouse Moderator Tips to become a pro

6 Clubhouse Moderator Tips that Lead To Hosting A Great Room

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Initially released in April, 2020, Clubhouse is a famous audio-based social app, loved by millions of users worldwide. It allows you to moderate a room, host an event and build meaningful conversations across borders and continents. A Clubhouse Moderator is usually in-charge of moderating these rooms and there are several privileges that come along with it. They generally possess the authority to provide the audience a chance to speak and have a green colored icon under their names which helps people identify them easily. But what goes into becoming a successful moderator? 

Here are 6 Clubhouse Moderator tips to become a Pro at hosting such rooms and events. 

1. Clear Intentions Go A Long Way!

Clubhouse miderator tips-keep intentions clear
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Clubhouse is an app where you can start a spontaneous or a scheduled room. You can then choose any one from three different types of rooms. These include Open, Closed and Social. To begin with, you must identify what suits your needs the best. Open rooms are for everyone, social for those whom you follow on the platform and closed for only a few invited ones. 

If you’re venturing into being a moderator for the very first time, we’d suggest you start off with a private room and a few participants. If this works, it’s a sign to venture into other types of rooms, surely. Most importantly, identify the purpose and ‘Why’ before hosting a room. Decide the type of room you’re going to moderate.

2. Be Your Authentic Self

Clubhouse moderator tips- be authentic
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After making sure everything’s in place, you’re good to go. First of all, introduce the topic and then, build a connection with the audience. Authenticity wins hearts and it’s the best way to reach audiences and touch lives with your words. Be your own self and do not fake. While conversing with people, pay attention and understand if they resonate with you. Building a powerful network of connections via a genuine audience base is an underrated gem.

3. Set Appropriate Rules

Rules are a must-have while hosting a Clubhouse room. Moderators must be aware of why they’re setting certain dos and don’ts. As a person of authority, one must inform people in the room about the rules. For instance, raising hands before they are allotted a chance to speak, queuing up for one’s turn, etc. are a part and parcel of Clubhouse rules and participants must abide by those carefully and with mutual understanding.

4. Talk & Share The Stage With The Audience

Talk and share
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With a medium such as Clubhouse which only permits oneself to ‘Be the voice’, worthy and meaningful conversations are crucial. Audiences may be given an opportunity to speak within a stipulated time period of 30 to 60 seconds and they must be able to formulate and put forth their thoughts. These sometimes lead to selection of a co-host or co-moderator for the next scheduled room. Throwing sparkles wherever you go as a member is as important as finding the spark as a moderator.

5. Inviting A Co-moderator To Avoid Unwanted Situations

Allow a co-host
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Inviting a co-moderator helps tremendously if you need to step out, put aside your device or have to rush due to an emergency. If you’re the sole person handling the room, it’ll end midway in the most unprofessional and terrible manner. If you want to skip such a situation, you can try this technique and that authority can continue the room. Also, if you find someone who’s capable enough from the audience, you can make them the co-moderator as well.

6. Be Respectful & Inclusive

One of the important Clubhouse moderator tips is to include everyone and be respectful
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Respect comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms. Remember that you’re a Clubhouse moderator which means that it is your rightful duty to respect everyone. Inclusivity is a matter of concern if you’re hosting a room with a global audience base. Take care of each participant and include all in conversations, discussions and interact with them. Equality is the sole religion here and so, we must practice it wholeheartedly.

Moderating a room requires patience, skill and dedicated effort. They say, ‘Practice makes a person perfect’ and so, you must practice to get where you want to reach. With more time and experience, you’ll learn how to collaborate with people and probably, start giving lessons on how to moderate a clubhouse room to newbies. Overall, we believe that you will gain value from our Clubhouse moderator tips and implement them to leverage your skills and expertise. After all, virtual chats, long distance socialising and making friends based on common interests on a virtual platform- these are not a luxury anymore in our lives. But more of a necessity to stay sane, ever since 2020! So, build experience, build connections!

Did you find these Clubhouse Moderator tips helpful and implementable? If yes, don’t forget to drop a comment and let us know what you would like to read next.

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