Scariest horror movies masalamug cover

Scariest Horror Movies! Which Of These 10 Foreign Films Have You Seen?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Horror movies are highly underrated. And when I say “horror” I do not mean slasher, gory bloodbath fest with guts & brains spilling out everywhere. As a true horror junkie, I believe the real art of making a good horror flick is to scare the shit out of you without necessarily having to use visual details. The very reason why films like “The Shining” and “Ju-on” are considered to be some of the world’s scariest films is they actually have haunting powers. You can’t unsee what you saw and forget what you felt! My partner and I have been ardent …

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Liverpool Wins League, A United Fan’s Nightmare – Literally!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Last night, I was woken up with the noise of something metallic falling on the wooden floorboards. I sat bolt upright on the bed and looked at the watch – 2:58AM! The noise had clearly come from the other side of the house. I am a heavy sleeper and I don’t wake up that easily, even if the ceiling is coming down. But last night, something was different. Just 5 hours earlier… ….I had witnessed something extraordinary. 1151 matches and 30 years later, a “small” ??? footballing club from Merseyside had won the biggest sporting trophy in the UK. Liverpool …

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2020 Calamities: Is It Fate or Is Mother Earth Flipping Out?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Every mother has her own way of dealing with kids. Nature is no different. For thousands of years, we have been incorrigible, despite her warnings and endless retributions. Like a spoiled, psychopath brat, we gradually poisoned our mother till she was compelled to hit back in self-defense. Humans have always taken nature for granted and now we are paying the price for it. Today, it feels like she is angry and is bent on to avenge her sufferings. And we are walking the green mile ready to be thrashed, squished, burnt, drowned, and hit by asteroids. All at once. In …

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romantic sunset view at lan ha bay

Lan Ha Bay: My Two Days On A Floating Paradise In Vietnam

Reading Time: 11 minutes “Charles! It doesn’t look too good”, I addressed our host at Lan Ha Bay with a disappointed look on my face while trying to fight the chill as much as I can with the skimpy stole. “You worry too much! I’m telling you, it will get better! And you’ll be sailing on your kayak soaking up the sun before you know it”, said charming Charles flaunting his dimply smile and mischievous eyes! “You promise”? I demanded a verbal oath from Charles. “Yes, my dear…I do! Just wait for another hour”, he promised without a hint of doubt while refilling my …

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Temporary street shop in Kolkata, India during lockdown

COVID-19: I Think We Fucked Up

Reading Time: 6 minutes I think we fucked up. But also got lucky. We will also have tremendous collateral damage. Am talking about India’s COVID-19 response and below are my non-data based inferences and a retrospective view of the last 3 months. Let’s start with why India entered a lockdown We are unarguably the world’s largest third world country. Some parts may look like the first world and even have those benefits, but never be fooled. We aren’t even second world. And even the most deluded of governments cannot make the mistake of thinking so. Thankfully, ours didn’t. The lockdowns were needed and have done …

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Women riding bicycle by the sea

How To Choose A Bicycle – Beginner’s Guide

Reading Time: 9 minutes Selecting the wrong bicycle is probably the #1 reason, why the initial enthusiasm of most beginners fizzles out after a few months. So choose your bicycle with the following tips. I have seen this happen with a lot of my friends and colleagues. This blog is an effort towards ensuring that the readers are aware of things to keep in mind while planning to buy a bicycle – whether it’s the first or an upgrade. Bicycle, or cycle or bike is a perfect companion and works well as a Eco-friendly transport A quick trip to the market. Healthy habit Recreation …

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Tagore and his art

The name is Tagore…Rabindranath Tagore!

Reading Time: 5 minutes রবি কবি বলে গেছিলেন – “যদি তোমার দেখা না পাই প্রভু, এবার এ জীবনে….তবে তোমায় আমি পাইনি যেন সে কথা রয়ে মনে“| আর অয়ন মজুমদার (who again!?) বলে চলেছেন – “যদি রবীন্দ্রনাথকে না আনলেন মনের চিন্তনে……..তাহলে কি আর ঠাকুর দেখলেন এই বাঙালি জীবনে””| Last month, I penned an article about বাঙালির একটি গুরুদেব| On this পঁচিশে বৈশাখ (25th day of Vaishakha month) and on the 159th birth anniversary, I could not not write about বাঙালির আর একজন গুরুদেব, Rabindranath Tagore, especially when I have my “Masalamug”☕ If ever there were four immortality pills ???? created, three of them should have …

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Lockdown Recipes: 7 Drool-Worthy Dishes That You Can Try At Home

Reading Time: 10 minutes “People who love to eat are always the best people”! Ever since I’ve read this wisdom-laden quote by celebrated chef Julia Child, I’ve quite conveniently started to believe in it with all my heart. My love for eating has been a trait since childhood. But only when I watched “Julie & Julia” and got hooked on Masterchef Australia, for the very first time I realised that it’s OK to be a foodie! In fact, eating can even be a passion! And that’s when my passion for cooking got evoked and there was no looking back since then! So, during this …

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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey For Every Dreamer

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s a fact that all of us are made of star-stuff. Wow! Starstuff!!! Isn’t it amazing just to hear the sound of it? Imagine exploring the vast skies and beyond with no boundaries of space and time. What an odyssey that would be! I was always fascinated with the night sky. It made me think about what lies beyond those twinkling stars. But there was no one to guide or point me in the right direction. I remember my school project where I had to create a solar system model. With little help, I gathered some household stuff, and created …

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A Croatian Summer Escape – Memories In Colour And A Lot More

Reading Time: 7 minutes While trying to make the most of the lockdown this summer, re-organising our schedules, taking care of our health – physical and mental and cook/bake/cleaning on a repeat mode, I sometimes find myself reminiscing. Today, while sipping my ginger tea and peeping through the bedroom window, I travel in time to last year, same-ish time. My summer of 2019, which was spent amidst different colours….and also…in alleyways. The memories of our week-long trip to Croatia are still warm. It is really interesting to know when we look back in time, what is it that makes us feel cosy and gets us in …

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