Unlocking my travel fantasies in times of lockdown

Reading Time: 4 minutes Gates are locked. Borders are sealed. Airlines have ceased their operations. Our summer holiday plans have gone for a toss. It’s a complete lockdown for us and our dreams. We have voluntarily shut ourselves inside our cosy homes for the greater good. But that shouldn’t restrict ourselves from letting our imagination fly, From spreading the wings of our thoughts and soaring over our dream destinations. What’s the harm in titillating the pleasure centres of our brain to taste the feel-good chemical dopamine, while lying on our beds, flipping through the pages of our favourite travel magazine for a satiating ‘window …

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7 Brilliant Movies/ Series That Have Imperfect Lead Characters

Reading Time: 6 minutes Good looking, brave, helpful, honest and oh-so-charming! No, I’m not describing your dream crush (or maybe I am!). That’s a quintessential Hero! And if that’s how a hero looks like, imagine how a heroine would? World’s most beautiful girl with a perfect body & features, gifted with brilliant abilities to sing, dance, play ace basketball and what not! Thanks to the silver-screen since the beginning of cinema, that’s how we’ve learnt to see our leads. Anything less just doesn’t sit right! However, does a great film always restrict itself to these so-called rules? In fact, aren’t the rule-breaking movies often …

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