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Sunday Lunch Memories: A Soulful Trip Through Three Nostalgic Indian Dishes

Reading Time: 7 minutes Sunday has always been one of my favourite days, where I can set its pace to either slow, relaxed, bound to the couch, or to a complete roller coaster ride with family, friends, and experiences. The most anticipated and significant part of it all, being our Sunday luncheon. I don’t like a lavish Sunday breakfast as I am too fond of sleeping in and I prefer dinners to be light, easy, or a takeaway. So I always love a good sumptuous lunch. During the lockdown, people carried out Dalgona challenge, made a sourdough starter, and even experimented with drool-worthy new …

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Lockdown Recipes: 7 Drool-Worthy Dishes That You Can Try At Home

Reading Time: 10 minutes “People who love to eat are always the best people”! Ever since I’ve read this wisdom-laden quote by celebrated chef Julia Child, I’ve quite conveniently started to believe in it with all my heart. My love for eating has been a trait since childhood. But only when I watched “Julie & Julia” and got hooked on Masterchef Australia, for the very first time I realised that it’s OK to be a foodie! In fact, eating can even be a passion! And that’s when my passion for cooking got evoked and there was no looking back since then! So, during this …

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