One day treks near Mumbai

Say Yes to Adrenaline Rush: 10 One Day Treks near Mumbai

Reading Time: 7 minutes We know that we have been in love with travel ever since the beginning. And treks, are a quintessential part of it. Maharashtra is a land of the most historic treks which one can never get enough of. To explore the wilderness and experience the heritage, one day treks near Mumbai are a magnificent choice. Here is your chance to plan a trek near Mumbai and take that well-deserved off day. ‘If you work much, you must travel more and often.’ That is a golden rule, for sure. Let’s begin with Lohagad near Pawna Lake in Lonavala, less than 100 …

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Newborn baby welcome ecoration ideas

Bringing a New Life into your Lives: Newborn Baby Welcome Decoration Ideas

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nayantara: Hi Arshika! How are you? It’s been months since we met. I have news for you. My baby is due on the 19th of next month. I can’t wait to meet him or her super soon. Definitely can’t contain my excitement! Arshika: Oh, that is amazing! Congratulations and good luck!! So what have you planned for the little one’s special welcome? Nayantara: I have been struggling with ideas and don’t know where to begin and what to do. I’m confused and oh so tired all the time! Can you suggest a few newborn baby welcome decoration ideas, please? Arshika: …

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places to visit near Hyderabad outskirts-wikimedia commons

15 Places To Visit Near Hyderabad Outskirts | Set On A Fun Weekend Getaway

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana, is replete with wealth, delectable cuisine, bangles, pearls and nature. Once, the erstwhile princely state of the Nizams, Hyderabad shares close proximity with various hill stations, dams, reservoirs and places where you can head for a weekend getaway or a fun trip.  Today, we bring to you 15 enthralling places to visit near Hyderabad outskirts. With this list, you’re good to escape from your mundane routine and recharge yourself to bounce back to your best level of productivity.  Here are a few interesting places to visit near Hyderabad within 50 kms. 1. Mrugavani National …

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Clubhouse Moderator Tips to become a pro

6 Clubhouse Moderator Tips that Lead To Hosting A Great Room

Reading Time: 5 minutes Initially released in April, 2020, Clubhouse is a famous audio-based social app, loved by millions of users worldwide. It allows you to moderate a room, host an event and build meaningful conversations across borders and continents. A Clubhouse Moderator is usually in-charge of moderating these rooms and there are several privileges that come along with it. They generally possess the authority to provide the audience a chance to speak and have a green colored icon under their names which helps people identify them easily. But what goes into becoming a successful moderator?  Here are 6 Clubhouse Moderator tips to become …

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18th 18 birthday party ideas for guys

18 Exciting 18th Birthday Ideas For Guys – #15 is Our Fav!

Reading Time: 8 minutes Are you wondering about celebrating your loved one’s coming of age with great pomp and enthusiasm? Remember, the 18th Birthday is special as it marks the right to vote, obtaining a driving license, and most importantly, transitioning into adulthood. Obviously, it calls for a grand celebration and you just can’t afford to have any loopholes in your plans! Don’t stress, because this is where we come to help! Take a look at our handpicked list of 18th Birthday Ideas for Guys and pick the ones that you think would make your boy the happiest! 1. Clubbing Party At Home: Dance …

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Habits to increase intelligence

7 Amazing Habits To Increase Intelligence: A Guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes ‘Your brain has a superpower. All you need to do is to exercise it.’  It is possible to develop these habits to increase intelligence at any point of life. Here are 10 habits that you can inculcate in order to elevate your lifestyle and increase intelligence. You can surely transform your life with a higher IQ and develop a daily ritual to become smarter. Nevertheless, the question lies – How to increase IQ? These habits will help you increase your IQ levels to 160, 200 and 300.  Hey brainy one, are you ready for this? 1. Reading: Say Yes To …

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Tourist places near Delhi

20 Tourist Places Near Delhi: An Enthralling Travel Guide

Reading Time: 11 minutes There’s a lot to explore with little time in hand. In such a situation, traveling to places near your city is the best option. There are innumerable tourist places near Delhi that you can visit over the weekend. From Rishikesh in Uttarakhand to Deeg in Rajasthan, these are utterly beautiful destinations for a perfect getaway. Here’s a travel guide to visiting tourist places near Delhi. Let’s nurture the wanderlove within you.  For the ease of navigation, I have divided the list by distance from Delhi. Here you go! Tourist Places Near Delhi Within 100 KMs 1. Surajkund: A Land Of …

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Learn new hobbies

10 New Hobbies To Learn That Are Effective Happiness And Productivity Boosters

Reading Time: 8 minutes As Covid-19 continues to spread across the globe, people are tired of staying home alone. Work from home has taken a toll on their health and they’re constantly stressed or worried. In such a situation, it’s crucial to develop a hobby and spend time in an innovative manner. Your hobby reflects who you are and this is absolutely true. The kind of hobbies you have shows your personality as an individual. We can know someone better by their choices and hobbies. Today, we bring to you unique hobbies, creative hobbies and hobbies to do alone. Here are some new hobbies …

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