Sunset over the Perast Bay

12 Picture Postcards From Montenegro For A Quick Virtual Trip

Reading Time: 5 minutes Don’t you love postcards? Pictures from people’s travels with personalised short messages with it. Don’t you feel the warmth and love that someone remembered you in those moments? As a kid, I have always been fascinated with them. So, here I am, sharing some ‘digital postcards” from my travel to Montenegro.   1. Mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos  A panoramic view from the Mausoleum like no other, you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.   A popular tourist attraction of Lovcen, and officially the highest mausoleum in the world, sits at the top of its second highest peak (Jezersky …

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Why some people gravitate to some places

Why Do People Gravitate To Some Places & Why Is Goa That Place For Me?

Reading Time: 5 minutes I recently read an article on why Manali never gets old for some people. And it made me think most people had a place like that for themselves. Did I have such a place for me? Where would I go to be me, all the time, anytime? Goa came and stuck in my head. So, let’s talk about why Goa is that place for me. Over the years Goa has become home. Not home in the way that I have shifted residences, settled down, or found work (maybe someday I will). But Goa has become the place where I will …

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romantic sunset view at lan ha bay

Lan Ha Bay: My Two Days On A Floating Paradise In Vietnam

Reading Time: 11 minutes “Charles! It doesn’t look too good”, I addressed our host at Lan Ha Bay with a disappointed look on my face while trying to fight the chill as much as I can with the skimpy stole. “You worry too much! I’m telling you, it will get better! And you’ll be sailing on your kayak soaking up the sun before you know it”, said charming Charles flaunting his dimply smile and mischievous eyes! “You promise”? I demanded a verbal oath from Charles. “Yes, my dear…I do! Just wait for another hour”, he promised without a hint of doubt while refilling my …

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A Croatian Summer Escape – Memories In Colour And A Lot More

Reading Time: 7 minutes While trying to make the most of the lockdown this summer, re-organising our schedules, taking care of our health – physical and mental and cook/bake/cleaning on a repeat mode, I sometimes find myself reminiscing. Today, while sipping my ginger tea and peeping through the bedroom window, I travel in time to last year, same-ish time. My summer of 2019, which was spent amidst different colours….and also…in alleyways. The memories of our week-long trip to Croatia are still warm. It is really interesting to know when we look back in time, what is it that makes us feel cosy and gets us in …

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