Newborn baby welcome ecoration ideas

Bringing a New Life into your Lives: Newborn Baby Welcome Decoration Ideas

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Nayantara: Hi Arshika! How are you? It’s been months since we met. I have news for you. My baby is due on the 19th of next month. I can’t wait to meet him or her super soon. Definitely can’t contain my excitement!

Arshika: Oh, that is amazing! Congratulations and good luck!! So what have you planned for the little one’s special welcome?

Nayantara: I have been struggling with ideas and don’t know where to begin and what to do. I’m confused and oh so tired all the time! Can you suggest a few newborn baby welcome decoration ideas, please?

Arshika: Hey, you know what? I would totally love to. Wanna hear some of the cutest baby decor ideas? There you go girl!

Jungle Safari Decor: For The Love of Fresh & Green Vibes

Newborn baby welcome decor ideas- jungle safari theme
Image source: Pinterest

Straight out of the ‘Jungle Book’ , the animal themed decor is a suitable welcome decoration for a baby boy (or a girl, because everyone loves a Jungle Safari theme, right?) You can order a yummy cake with animal fondants. You can also adorn the baby’s crib and room with animal plushies and wall hangings.  Green is a colour which soothes the mind. Try out DIY baby decor, for instance, making cardboard animals or painting a jungle on a canvas. Make sure that you use material that is completely safe for the baby.

Balloons and Ribbons Decor: The Adorable Decor of All Time

Balloons & ribbons are always a popular newborn baby welcome decoration idea
Image source: Unsplash

You can never go wrong with balloons and ribbons. Since forever, they have been used on date nights, marriage proposals, baby showers, and practically every happy occasion you can think of. Dose up the cuteness by placing colourful balloons on the table with sweet and savoury goodies and gifts. Embellish your future memories by clicking pictures with a polaroid camera and satin ribbons.

Flower Decor: Spreading Freshness and Fragrance all Around

Add freshness & fragrance with flower decor
Image source: Unsplash

If you are opting for flower decor, bring in fresh ones, hand-craft a gift or two and welcome the tiny tot. You can attach hand-made cards or letters for the new mother. Give her a congratulatory note and make her smile. Flower decor brings in a sense of beauty and clarity, which is enhancing. Enrich your mind with the aroma and gorgeous colours of the fresh lilies, roses or any flowers of your choice. Flowers are fragrant with a whiff of freshness and hence, so special.

Here are some amazing plant decoration ideas to revamp your house. Try them!

Onesies, Cute Tees and Socks Decor: Let’s do it the Millennial Style!

Decorate with onesies & socks
Image source: Unsplash

Gen Z and millennial parents enjoy doing crazy decor for their children. One such awesome decor style idea would be this one. Putting together pieces of onesies, appealing, tiny, little T-shirts and soft socks to create decor for the swing, crib or even, home decor for that matter can be truly phenomenal. Have a gala time with friends or family by adding a twist to this. Order in cupcakes and doughnuts with customisations. It’s a sure-shot guide to having a memorable time.

Hello Kitty Decor: Fun Time with Cartoons

Hello Kitty decor can never go wrong
Image source: Pepperfry

Children are fond of cartoons and so do we!. Hello Kitty decor shares an emotion of love and care while spreading joy. This decor may include items such as Hello Kitty wall hangings, balloons, baskets, themed cupcakes, etc. But what makes it a preferred choice of welcome decoration for baby girl? The answer is simple. A ‘Hello Kitty’ is just as lovable as the newborn baby. Do this at home or hire a professional. It’s a cute and well-presented idea for sure.

Night Sky Themed Decor: For some Dreamy Vibes

Night sky decor for dreamy vibes
Image source: Pxhere

Pairing cardboard cut-outs of stars, clouds with fairy lights is an amalgamation everyone wants to watch for hours. It is nothing less than a starry night meant for someone who is a star themselves. Get ready to be swiped off your feet with this DIY decor which comes alive in its true sense. Apart from these, you can attach ‘Welcome Home Mama & Baby’ notes to greet them lovingly. 

Newborn babies win our hearts with their chubby cheeks, tiny eyes and clinginess. They are a tiny universe in themselves. They deserve to be pampered and showered with affection. And so, we prepared this list with careful selection of newborn baby welcome decor ideas. The next time you meet a friend, colleague or a relative who is having a baby, share this list with them to witness magic happen through the decor.

Which of these newborn baby welcome decoration ideas would you like to try? Let us know your favourites in the comments.

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