Temporary street shop in Kolkata, India during lockdown

COVID-19: I Think We Fucked Up

Reading Time: 6 minutes I think we fucked up. But also got lucky. We will also have tremendous collateral damage. Am talking about India’s COVID-19 response and below are my non-data based inferences and a retrospective view of the last 3 months. Let’s start with why India entered a lockdown We are unarguably the world’s largest third world country. Some parts may look like the first world and even have those benefits, but never be fooled. We aren’t even second world. And even the most deluded of governments cannot make the mistake of thinking so. Thankfully, ours didn’t. The lockdowns were needed and have done …

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Man with a covid19 mask

More Than Two-Thirds of COVID19 Deaths in India From 10 Most Populated Cities – Analysis

Reading Time: 6 minutes The population share of the ten most populated cities in India is only 5% of the total population but two-thirds of Covid19 deaths in India are being reported from these 10 cities. This skew was expected, however, I wanted to do this analysis and see if any patterns can be found. For those of you who are short on time, I have highlighted the key points so you can just scroll through quickly. You are more than welcome to read further on how I came up with these and some more data and graphs to back these up. Please note …

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