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15 Fahadh Faasil Movies That Would Leave You Spellbound

Reading Time: 11 minutes Let me be completely honest. This is not just another “must-watch movie/web-series list article”. This is a narrative journey of my love for this actor I discovered quite recently and simply can’t get enough of him. Just in the span of a few weeks, I was introduced to a gem with chameleon-like abilities to transform into any character, got completely awestruck and fell head over heels in love. Whether being the protagonist, the “hero’s friend” or one of the many characters in a multi-starrer- Fahadh Faasil manages to catch your eye…and that too just with his eyes (oh those beautiful …

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Top 10 Web Series (2020) In Hindi That Made The Year Less Sufferable

Reading Time: 9 minutes Trying new lockdown recipes– Check! Posting singing and dancing videos on social media- Check! Joining online guitar classes– Check! Creating your own Youtube Channel- Check! Binging on web channels- CHECK! Sounds too familiar, doesn’t it? Well, that’s precisely the year 2020 for you…in a nutshell! Between all those new activities and skills that you accomplished and juggling between Work From Home & Work At Home this year, “Netflix and Chill” has become more like a blessing than a casual phrase. We can’t thank the brilliant content all over the OTT platforms enough to help us get through the year. Truly, …

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Kuthar-a hidden gem in Himachal

Kuthar: The Perfect Hideout In Himachal (Just 300km From Delhi!)

Reading Time: 10 minutes For how long can you depend on virtual travel? It’s been too long watching old “Facebook Memories”, flipping through last year’s Lan Ha Bay travel pictures and videos. And the worst part? Almost getting used to that! A whole year gone by without stepping out of the city and just ruminating on memories…more memories! It was time we made some new ones. For travel junkies like ourselves, one whole year without the mountains or beaches or forests felt like claustrophobia. And more than anyone else, our 74 years “old” father (who’s used to spend at least 6 months of the …

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durga pujo

Pujo From Home – The New Normal For Bengalis in 2020

Reading Time: 9 minutes One of the most relevant Durga Pujo memes doing rounds this year was the one that showed a month and a half gap between Mahalaya and Saptami as if, maintaining social distancing. It was like the universe’s way of warning us, that this year, Pujo is not going to be the same! Every year Mahalaya comes with the first wave of autumn breeze in the air (what we Bengalis call Pujor gondho), the excitement rises up and the countdown begins! As soon as Bengalis all over the world hear the first song “Jaago, tumi jaago…” of the Mahishasur Mardini album, …

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Bandish Bandits – A Binge-Worthy Musical Journey You Wish Had Never Ended

Reading Time: 6 minutes “Kharaj ka riyaaz karo…jitna neeche se gaaoge, utna upar ja sakoge” (Practice Kharaj…the more you practice the lower octaves, better will be your higher notes). When I heard these lines coming from Panditji played by Naseeruddin Shah, I knew this wasn’t a half-baked series loosely based on Hindustani Classical music. Director Anand Tiwari and his team of writers had done their homework, and how! Apart from the obvious power performances by Bandish Bandit’s creme cast Naseer Sahab and Atul Kulkarni, the series was filled with musical moments that took me back to my own Indian classical training memories. I might …

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Scariest horror movies masalamug cover

Scariest Horror Movies! Which Of These 10 Foreign Films Have You Seen?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Horror movies are highly underrated. And when I say “horror” I do not mean slasher, gory bloodbath fest with guts & brains spilling out everywhere. As a true horror junkie, I believe the real art of making a good horror flick is to scare the shit out of you without necessarily having to use visual details. The very reason why films like “The Shining” and “Ju-on” are considered to be some of the world’s scariest films is they actually have haunting powers. You can’t unsee what you saw and forget what you felt! My partner and I have been ardent …

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romantic sunset view at lan ha bay

Lan Ha Bay: My Two Days On A Floating Paradise In Vietnam

Reading Time: 11 minutes “Charles! It doesn’t look too good”, I addressed our host at Lan Ha Bay with a disappointed look on my face while trying to fight the chill as much as I can with the skimpy stole. “You worry too much! I’m telling you, it will get better! And you’ll be sailing on your kayak soaking up the sun before you know it”, said charming Charles flaunting his dimply smile and mischievous eyes! “You promise”? I demanded a verbal oath from Charles. “Yes, my dear…I do! Just wait for another hour”, he promised without a hint of doubt while refilling my …

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Lockdown Recipes: 7 Drool-Worthy Dishes That You Can Try At Home

Reading Time: 10 minutes “People who love to eat are always the best people”! Ever since I’ve read this wisdom-laden quote by celebrated chef Julia Child, I’ve quite conveniently started to believe in it with all my heart. My love for eating has been a trait since childhood. But only when I watched “Julie & Julia” and got hooked on Masterchef Australia, for the very first time I realised that it’s OK to be a foodie! In fact, eating can even be a passion! And that’s when my passion for cooking got evoked and there was no looking back since then! So, during this …

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Bengalis and Eggs – An Untold Love Affair That’s Not “Egg-xaggerated” Enough!

Reading Time: 8 minutes How many times have you asked a Bengali colleague to bring an authentic fish curry on an office potluck? Or requested a Bengali friend to bring Sandesh from their trip to Kolkata? The moment we see a “Mukherjee” or a “Ghosh” we almost impulsively start a conversation on fish! Or Roshogolla! The reason is obvious. The world equates Bengalis instantly to Fish! And for good reason too. The relationship between a Bengali and Fish is a well-established, legitimate and widely acknowledged one. There is hardly any doubt or debate on this. It’s a culinary fact. Bengalis love fish. Period. What …

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Irrfan Khan Collage

Irrfan And I – The Four Stages Of Our Clandestine Relationship!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Irrfan and I go way back. Being an 80’s kid, I’ve always been an ardent movie and television enthusiast. During the 90’s we kind of grew up together, Irrfan and I. Well, I grew up, he just grew! Of course, we have never met. Never even have had any conversation either. Neither physically nor virtually (only in dreams though, if that counts). But we share something special that’s beyond any meet-cute! It started when I first saw him on Banegi Apni Baat in 1997. And with each passing year of my life (and his), we both ventured, explored, and discovered …

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