Jog falls getaways from bangalore

10 Weekend Getaways From Bangalore As The Perfect Fix For Your Wanderlust

Reading Time: 8 minutes Daksh: Hey Uday, how’s life? How are things going?  Uday: Hi Daksh, to be frank, life has been a roller coaster ride for the past 15 months. You know how work from home in reality is. It’s like I am tied to the desk 24/7.  Daksh: Oh yes! I guess that’s how almost everyone’s life is like. To do the same work and look at the same walls and faces every day is quite tiring.  Uday: It’s been months since we stepped out of the town, went on a drive, and had fun. I wish we could escape the hustle-bustle of the …

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Kuthar-a hidden gem in Himachal

Kuthar: The Perfect Hideout In Himachal (Just 300km From Delhi!)

Reading Time: 10 minutes For how long can you depend on virtual travel? It’s been too long watching old “Facebook Memories”, flipping through last year’s Lan Ha Bay travel pictures and videos. And the worst part? Almost getting used to that! A whole year gone by without stepping out of the city and just ruminating on memories…more memories! It was time we made some new ones. For travel junkies like ourselves, one whole year without the mountains or beaches or forests felt like claustrophobia. And more than anyone else, our 74 years “old” father (who’s used to spend at least 6 months of the …

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