Terrace garden ideas

5 Amazing Rooftop/ Terrace Garden Ideas For Your Home

Reading Time: 7 minutes Rithika: Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can cook with the vegetables harvested from your own garden? Nayani: Yes, of course! But, how do I do it? I live in an apartment. To me, gardening is a dream that can never be fulfilled. Rithika: Hey, you don’t need to get disappointed. There’s this amazing concept called “Rooftop Gardening” for people like you who think gardening is only for those who have a soiled space. Nayani: Do you mean I can transform my terrace into a garden? It sounds interesting. How can I do it? Can you share with me a …

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Coffee shops in Hyderabad

12 Best Coffee Shops In All Of Hyderabad For Your Daily Caffeine Buzz

Reading Time: 9 minutes A coffee shop is not just a place to drink coffee and leave. It’s an experience. There are stories, emotions, laughter, friendships and so much more that goes into creating the ambience and vibes of a coffee shop. And if you get that perfect brew in a mug, you get the feeling, “everything is going to be alright.” Catch up with friends, hang out with family, sort out our cravings, or have a romantic date with partner; a visit to a coffee shop is all it takes. For so many reasons, sipping a hot cup of coffee on the weekend …

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