Plant decoration ideas at home

8 Brilliant Plants Decoration Ideas At Home That Wont Burn a Hole In Your Pocket

Reading Time: 6 minutes We have been locked in our homes for more than a year now. It’s no wonder all of us are waiting to travel around to breathe the fresh air. This seems possible, but who knows when! Till then, why not bring the outdoors inside? Maybe this could give you a beautiful outdoorsy feel without stepping out!. When you revamp your house, never underestimate the wonders indoor plants can do. Plants can transform your space in more ways than you can imagine. Plant decoration ideas are quite a rage! You might want to bring nature indoors because of the aesthetic values …

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Decorate your room with simple things

12 Ways On How To Decorate A Room With Simple Things

Reading Time: 9 minutes Humans have a tendency to get bored easily. We are in constant need of refreshing, revamping, redoing, and restructuring (maybe they all mean the same thing, but as I said…we get bored easily!) Whether it’s your hairstyle or your room decor- we all love little changes every now and then. Just to keep life a little bit more interesting, am I right? Well, unfortunately, we can’t always afford to make large-scale changes. Especially in the home-decor area. because refurbishing or a room makeover costs money! Right? Well, not really! And not necessarily! Now comes the good news. A little creativity, …

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