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Tales Of Reading: 8 Books You Must Grab Right Now For Some Escape Vibes

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hmm…let’s see. Two years of intense lockdowns, second, third waves, Delta, Omicron, isolation, weekend curfews, reopening of offices only to get back to WFH again…a rollercoaster life is what we eventually got used to, am I right? What have you been doing? Cooking and Baking Gardening Movies Blogging Tailoring (because why not?) Painting Reading Learning a new skill(s) You get the drift. Every possible way to engage the brain has been used up. New innovations have seen the light of the day. Records are being broken in writing and clearing professional and non-professional exams. New ideas are becoming startups. And …

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Corona Lockdown

4 Ways To Make the Most of the COVID-19 Lockdown

Reading Time: 6 minutes If your lifestyle and work schedule is like mine, this Covid-19 lockdown must be giving you at least 2 hours of extra time every day (less travel!). If your job has been impacted due to the pandemic, then that extra time will be higher. Some people are making the best use of this time – learning, resting, retrospecting, creating. Watching the number of infected people 5 times a day on 3 news and 4 social media channels won’t add any value. This is the time to get healthy, up your game with new skills and declutter your life. Here is …

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