Old Manali

Why The Stories Of Old Manali Never Get Old For Me

Reading Time: 9 minutes “So, where do you want to go this time?” asked Dev on a scorching summer evening while he regulated the AC from 26 to 24 degrees. “Maybe a new place this time,” I replied after gulping down half a bottle of water in a go. “I might want to explore some new treks, or jungle trails, old temples, some new cafés. I don’t know, we’ll see when the time comes.” This is the summer of 2022- a fresh new hell in Delhi when the mercury hit 40 even before May. Humans getting impatient and restless; Traffic getting unbearable; cars burning, …

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Kuthar-a hidden gem in Himachal

Kuthar: The Perfect Hideout In Himachal (Just 300km From Delhi!)

Reading Time: 10 minutes For how long can you depend on virtual travel? It’s been too long watching old “Facebook Memories”, flipping through last year’s Lan Ha Bay travel pictures and videos. And the worst part? Almost getting used to that! A whole year gone by without stepping out of the city and just ruminating on memories…more memories! It was time we made some new ones. For travel junkies like ourselves, one whole year without the mountains or beaches or forests felt like claustrophobia. And more than anyone else, our 74 years “old” father (who’s used to spend at least 6 months of the …

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