Foreign Language to learn for jobs

6 Best Foreign Languages To Learn For Jobs And Better Career Opportunities

Reading Time: 6 minutes You must be wondering, “why should I take the trouble of learning a new language when I’m already able to speak in my mother tongue and English.” The ability to speak a foreign language is no less than a cherry on a cake. With global businesses becoming popular, having a deep knowledge of a foreign language has become a necessity in certain fields. Businesses need people who can communicate and understand their clients from all over the world. So, a bilingual employee has a better chance of standing out than the rest of the employees. Perks of being a multilingual- …

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Learn new hobbies

10 New Hobbies To Learn That Are Effective Happiness And Productivity Boosters

Reading Time: 8 minutes As Covid-19 continues to spread across the globe, people are tired of staying home alone. Work from home has taken a toll on their health and they’re constantly stressed or worried. In such a situation, it’s crucial to develop a hobby and spend time in an innovative manner. Your hobby reflects who you are and this is absolutely true. The kind of hobbies you have shows your personality as an individual. We can know someone better by their choices and hobbies. Today, we bring to you unique hobbies, creative hobbies and hobbies to do alone. Here are some new hobbies …

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