Open letter to Raj & DK

An Open Letter To Raj & DK: How You Made Family Man 2 A Rollercoaster Ride For Me, Yours Truly!

Reading Time: 8 minutes Dear Raj & DK Sir, Sometimes, it takes just a ping to send shivers down your spine. The date was May 19. Delhi was smoldering with the mercury touching almost 42 degrees. A young (ish) girl, in her late 30s, was huffing and puffing without electricity, yelling & whining at the rowdy temperament of the summers. However, it was not the hot weather that was making her palms sweat. It was the sweet anticipation of something else. Suddenly her phone rings and it sends shivers down her spine. Her eyes widen, her face reddens and she starts screaming. But in …

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Top 10 Web Series (2020) In Hindi That Made The Year Less Sufferable

Reading Time: 9 minutes Trying new lockdown recipes– Check! Posting singing and dancing videos on social media- Check! Joining online guitar classes– Check! Creating your own Youtube Channel- Check! Binging on web channels- CHECK! Sounds too familiar, doesn’t it? Well, that’s precisely the year 2020 for you…in a nutshell! Between all those new activities and skills that you accomplished and juggling between Work From Home & Work At Home this year, “Netflix and Chill” has become more like a blessing than a casual phrase. We can’t thank the brilliant content all over the OTT platforms enough to help us get through the year. Truly, …

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