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12 Super Easy Mind Reading Tricks That You Can Actually Learn Easily!

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Have you always wondered how people read minds? Well, psychics take years to practise and master the art of mind-reading. You, on the other hand, may not have years at hand to plan your party tricks! So we have put together a list of 11 super- easy mind reading tricks that you can learn as soon as you read them. So get ready to surprise people around you with these mind-boggling tricks. Mind reading tricks with words, paper, cards, numbers or alphabets…you’ve got it all! Read on, try them out and practise the ones you think you can apply to your next party!

1. The 1089 Trick!

Play the trick of 1089 to amuse your friends
Image Source: thoughtco-question mark

This trick involves two people who can make some calculations quickly. Firstly, call the first person and ask them to think of two 3- digit numbers. 

Ask another person to do the following calculations, for example, let’s take 295. 

  1. Ask them to reverse the number, here it will be 592. 
  2. Now, tell them to subtract the smaller number from the bigger number. 592-295=297. 
  3. Ask them to reverse the difference and add it to the actual difference. 297+792=1089. 

That’s it! The trick is simple and basic but it always works. Try it with any other three-digit number and the answer will always be 1089.

2. Predict The Shapes

Shape prediction is an easy yet fun game
Image Source: Mission magic

For this trick ask the person from your audience to think of any shape other than a square. As there are not many shapes the person will probably think of a triangle.

Now ask them to think of another shape that symmetrically fits around a triangle. They will probably think of a circle. 

Surprise them by predicting the shape which was in their head. 

You need to practice subliminal programming while doing this trick. Subliminal programming is a popular mentalism technique. Do it by drawing the image of the shape that you want them to think in the air and planting a picture in their head.

This is one of the easiest mind reading tricks you can do as a beginner.

3. The 5th Psychic

With mental tricks become a mentalist!
Image Source: Quartz

This is one of the super easy mind reading tricks with numbers . You just have to follow these simple steps

  1. Ask the person to think of any number (let’s take 7)
  2. Now ask them to add the next highest number to the first number. ( 7+8=15) 
  3. Tell them to add 9 to the total sum. (15+9=24) 
  4. Tell them to divide this by two and subtract the original number. (24/2=12), (12-7=5) 

The result will always be five. You already know the number which is in their head and now you can just pretend that it was your psychic juju at work!!

4.  The Diamond Influence

Use your influence to manipulate audience
Image Source: Ars Technica

Having a house-party with friends? This is not one of the mathematical mind-reading tricks. Instead, you have to use your influence via well-crafted words for this trick to work and you’ll be surprised to know how far little influence can impact a person. 

For this trick, ask the person to imagine any card from the deck. They will guess three diamonds because you will make them do so. Confused?

Follow these steps to create the influence! 

  1. As you tell the person what you want them to do, slightly start drawing diamond shapes with your hands. This is called subconscious perception. 
  2. Now you have to practice your gestures in the sets of three.
  3. Repeat the same sequence subtly a few times and then guess then predict three diamonds.

5. Red Hammer Trick

Red Hammer Trick is fun for all kinds of audience
Image Source: Pinterest

This is the easiest mind-reading trick ever because you just have to ask the following questions to a person and the answer will always be ‘Red Hammer’. Perfect for beginners; simple yet loads of fun!

Before asking these questions write your answer as ‘Red Hammer’ on a piece of paper and fold it. Show the folded paper to the audience and keep it far away from you.

Ask these questions to the person

  1. What date is Christmas day? 
  2. The number that comes between one and three
  3. What are hamburgers made of? 
  4. Which side of the road, people drive on in Europe? 

After this line of questioning, just ask them to name a colour and tool. Tell them to think of this quickly and say it out loud. The answer will always be a red hammer because the question is fired up as synapses that work in the human brain in this particular way.

This is one of the easiest and foolproof tricks that you can do on friends and family.

6. It’s 37!

Number 37 is one of the most popular mind trick games
Image Source: Derby Telegraph

This too is quite an easy yet fun two-step mathematical trick. 

Firstly, ask the person to think of an odd number between 1 to 50. Specify that the number should be two-digit and should not have the same first and second digits (like 33. Tell them to just visualise it in their brain without saying it out loud.

Now you have to predict that the number is 37. Yes, they will think of 37.

Trick explained:

When you think about odd numbers between 1 to 50 half of them are already eliminated. Most people don’t think of numbers such as 19 or 17 and say 37 as their answer. Of course, there can be exceptions, but you can take your chances based on the research and behaviourial sciences of a lot of street magicians and mentalists.

It’s again one of the easiest tricks that have very little chances to go wrong. 

7. The Indian States Trick! 

Easiest yet most fun mind game that uses mentalism
Image Source:: Boomerang Magic

Ask the person to think of any State from India . Tell them to spell it in their mind. 

Prepare a table of randomly arranged letters with a colour associated with every letter. Make sure that the last letters of every state of India are coloured red. Now ask the person to look at the states’ names on the table and memorise the last letter colour of the state they’d picked.

Now, pretend that you are trying to figure out and think the answer by putting up an act! And finally, tell them the colour of their picked state’s name is “RED”!

Trick explained:

It would confuse them and amuse them because they miss the point that all the last letters are red! It may sound stupid but this trick always works.

8. The Same 3-Digit Number Trick

Same triple digit number trick
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Simple yet effective. This is how you amaze your guests with this “same 3-digit number” party trick. Here are the steps.

  1. Ask your guest/s to think of any 3-digit number where every digit is the same. For example 222. 444. 999 etc.
  2. Once they’ve picked their number, ask them to add the three digits
  3. Next, tell them to divide the originally picked 3-digit number with the addition result of Step 2
  4. Finally enjoy some accolades by revealing the result which will always be 37!

Trick explained:

Regardless of the number anyone picks, the answer will always be 37. For example, 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. 333 ÷ 9 = 37

9. The Denmark Game!

Mind reading tricks
Image Courtesy: Oktopost

This one is actually quite a simple yet amazingly interesting mind-reading trick you can play at parties. This trick can be played in front of one or multiple number of audience. Here are the steps to play the trick:

  1. Ask your audience to think of any number between 1 and 10.
  2. Now ask them to multiply that number by 9
  3. Now tell them to add those two digits & subtract 5 from the sum

Interestingly, the answer will always be 4 (but only you know that! Shhh!) It’s math but quirky, right? Now let’s move on to the next steps:

4. Tell your audience to assign each letter of the alphabet a number chronologically. For example A=1. B=2 and so on. And tell them to stop when they reach their previous answer (which is 4, hence D!)

5. Finally ask them to think of a country name that starts with their letter. Interestingly, since there aren’t many countries that start with D, there’s a good chance their answers will all be Denmark!

6. Reveal and enjoy the accolades!

10. The M.A.D.S Trick

Mind reading trick
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Multiply, Add, Divide, Subtract- MADS! That’s all you’ve got to make your audience do! Here are the steps:

  1. Ask them to pick any number between 1 and 9 (e.g. 6)
  2. Tell them to multiply by 3 (6×3= 18)
  3. Then ask them to add 6 to that (18+6=24)
  4. Now, tell them to divide that answer by 3 (24/3= 8)
  5. Finally, ask them to subtract the number they had originally picked from the final result number (8-6=2)
  6. The answer is always 2!

Try this simple math trick with any other number…the answer will always be 2. The sequence of the calculations is designed in such a way that the result will always end up as 2. Now, isn’t that a really cool mind-reading magic trick for your party?

11. The Crystal Ball Trick

Mind reading tricks for party
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Here’s how to blow minds with The Crystal Ball Trick at any party:

  • Take a small piece of square paper and draw a crystal ball inside it
  • Ask a volunteer to pick any number, write it down inside the crystal ball and fold it without revealing
  • Now take the paper and tear it into pieces
  • Without taking a look, announce the right answer and enjoy the applause!

This is how it works:

  • Remember we asked you to pick a SQUARE paper? That part is important and the shape of the paper will help you know the secret number written inside the crystal ball
  • Tear up the paper in half, turn it sideways and again tear it from the middle. You must remember in which direction you tore it
  • Distract your audience while you secretly unfold the paper and take a look
  • Reveal the number to your volunteer audience
  • For example, your volunteer wrote the number 17 inside the crystal ball. When you tear it in half, either each piece will have 1 and 7 or the upper halves of the two numbers.
  • Then you tore them again from the middle and while secretly peeping into the fragments, you will be able to recognise from the bits of the digits.
  • This trick needs a lot of practice so make sure to do that a couple of times before the party!

12. The Black Magic Trick

Dazzle everyone with the Black Magic mind trick
Image Courtesy: Youtube

Trust us, we’ve save the best for the last. If you’re planning to organise a party with large crowds, this could be one of the best mind-reading tricks your guests have ever witnessed. However, for this one, you would need to pick pre-selected assistant from the crowd. But make sure your selection must look absolutely random to the audience.

Ask your guests to pick an object from the room while you are completely blindfolded. Once you uncover your eyes, ask your assistant to name multiple objects from the venue. Tell your guests you would magically declare their picked object.

Now while your assistant keeps naming objects, they will name something that is black. The object your assistant names right after the black object should be your answer. Pay attention, announce the right object and be the hero of the party!

Of course, you need to explain the details to your assistant beforehand but keep it a secret from everyone else.

Now all you have to do is go and try out these tricks on your friends and family for your next get-together and surprise them with your newly acquired “magical abilities”! You can also use some of these tricks as online party games to keep kids entertained!

We are sure you have also wondered about some mind-reading tricks.  Don’t forget to tell us your favourite tricks in the comments!

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arindam sarkar
arindam sarkar
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Nice tricks and good article

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Cool tricks

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Ethan [7 years old]
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