One day treks near Mumbai

Say Yes to Adrenaline Rush: 10 One Day Treks near Mumbai

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We know that we have been in love with travel ever since the beginning. And treks, are a quintessential part of it. Maharashtra is a land of the most historic treks which one can never get enough of. To explore the wilderness and experience the heritage, one day treks near Mumbai are a magnificent choice. Here is your chance to plan a trek near Mumbai and take that well-deserved off day. ‘If you work much, you must travel more and often.’ That is a golden rule, for sure.

Let’s begin with Lohagad near Pawna Lake in Lonavala, less than 100 kilometres away from Mumbai.

1. Lohagad: A Massive Fort Overlooking Pawna

One day treks near Mumbai- 
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Lohagad, literally translating to Iron Fort, overlooks the gorgeous Pawna lake. Interestingly, this is a protected monument as declared by the Archaeological Survey of India. There are several explorable spots in the fort which include Hanuman Darwaja, Laxmi Kothi, Vinchu Kata or Scorpion’s Sting. You should visit Lohagad in the monsoon. Getting drenched in the rain amidst greenery and scenic landscapes, life comes alive.

Difficulty Level: Medium 

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 100 kms.

2. Korigad: Beautiful Fortress near Aamby Valley City, Lonavala

One day treks near Mumbai: Korigad
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Are you a fan of waterfalls? If yes, Korigad offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy the backward waterfall. It is so mesmerizing that you’ll be lost in its enchanting beauty. It tops the list of one day treks near Mumbai. You can trek to Korigad either on weekdays or weekends. Just make sure that you’re carrying enough snacks and water. Whether you’re a youngster or an elderly person, you can happily trek to Korigad. It is a beginner-friendly trek, y’all.

Difficulty Level: Easy 

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 100 kms.

3. Rajmachi: To-die for views, Twin Fortresses & More!

Beautiful view from Rajmachi fort
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Nestled in the Sahyadri mountain ranges, are the twin fortresses of Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. Being a renowned trade route in the near past, Rajmachi trek is the perfect fit for a one day or two day trek. You’re in for stunning views, enthralling history and pictures. Watching the sunset or sunrise from the cliff makes us feel at peace. And if you’re visiting in the pre-monsoon season, don’t miss out on observing the magical fireflies.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 300 kms.

4. Kalsubai: Say Hello to Adventurous Treks!

One day treks near Mumbai- Kalsubai
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Kalsubai is the highest peak of Maharashtra, popularly known as the Everest of Maharashtra. You begin your journey at the base village, Bari and head towards the most exciting trek in the region. Brimming with flora and fauna, Kalsubai trek leads you to Goddess Kalsubai’s temple where you can offer prayers to her. Guess what else it has in store for you? Panoramic views, adventure and life at its finest. Enjoy like there’s no tomorrow. 

Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 150 kms.

5. Tungareshwar: The one for the Trek Enthusiasts and Nature Admirers

Beautiful waterfalls at Tungareshwar
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Jungles carry their own charm and the Tungareshwar trek is one of those awesome treks. Located near Vasai, it’s actually a part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali. Apart from these, you must explore the Tungareshwar Temple, which holds mythological significance in the Hindu culture and religion.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium or Moderate

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 50 + kms.

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6. Karnala Fort and Bird Sanctuary: An Ode to Nature & Wildlife

Karnala Tower has magnificent views
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The Karnala Fort and Bird Sanctuary trek are great options if you’re looking for one day treks. The exciting part about it is this trek involves not one but two forts. Its close proximity to Mumbai gives it an edge over other places. Birdwatchers can watch different species of birds in the bird sanctuary and study about them after keen observation.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium 

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 65 kms.

7. Mahuli Fort: A Rock Climbing Paradise & A Trekker’s Match Made In Heaven

Mahuli Fort is a great option for One day treks near Mumbai
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To begin with,you can seek Lord Shiva’s blessings from the temple situated at the base village. Mahuli Fort is the highest point of Mumbai’s nearby Thane district. The best time to visit is usually post-monsoon. Places to visit in the fort include Kalyan Darwaja. There are viewpoints like Navra, Navri, etc. The views, the scenery, everything’s just so perfect that you won’t want to leave anytime soon. 

Travel with a travel company, a bunch of friends or solo. And, if you’re a rock climber, it’s a paradise for you!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 75 kms.

8. Andharban Trek: Dreamy, Evergreen  vibes in the Tamhini Ghat

Andharban treks
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Andharban aka, Dark Forest Trek, is for the souls who find peace in the wilderness. It’s a highly sought-after trek during the monsoons. It’s a jungle or valley descent trek, taking you to the gorgeous Bhira dam. You can have home-cooked lunch or snacks prepared by the villagers at the base village ‘Hirdi’. It’s a moderately difficult trek that requires a certain level of endurance. Set off right away to Andharban in the Tamhini Ghat. You’ll be in awe.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 100 to 150 kms.

9. Visapur Fort: Muddy Roads to the Top

Rustic Visapur Fort for one day treks near Mumbai
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Ruins of the Visapur fort stand intact even today. Starting from the Bhaje village, Visapur shines in all its glory, greenery and beauty during the monsoon. It is a suitable trail for people who are thrilled about adventure and trekking, both. Tourist attractions include Hanuman Darwaja and other remnants of the fort. A quick tip from our side would be to skip the weekends as it’s crowded. Hop on to a bus or a public vehicle, reach the base village and kick start your trek confidently. You’re in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult.

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 100 kms.

10. Devkund Waterfall Trek: A Plunge Pool Gifted by Nature

Serene Devkund Pool
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The pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health in more ways than one. Our routines have become monotonous and there is no certainty on when things will go back to normal. For a quick escape from this, we have one such hidden gem in Maharashtra. Imagine a natural plunge pool from nature to swim in, pause and watch the world around us. It is close to the Bhira village near Kolad, Maharashtra’s very own white river rafting destination. Devkund is believed to be the origin of Kundalika river and it translates to the ‘Bathing Pond of the Gods’. It’s a weekend getaway and slowly gaining popularity for one day treks near Mumbai. 

Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium.

Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 170 kms.

“Nature boosts happiness and a trek is a medium to do so.” If you are passionate about trekking, one day treks near Mumbai are a blessing in disguise. To take a break or cut off the mundane routine, don’t wait for any signs and do it right away. Bust your stress, relax and soak in fresh air. On your adventurous treks, you’re bound to experience an amalgamation of unseen beauty and fun treks and come back as a changed person for sure!

Which place would you visit for one day treks near Mumbai? Share your trek stories with us in the comment section below.

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