Plant decoration ideas at home

8 Brilliant Plants Decoration Ideas At Home That Wont Burn a Hole In Your Pocket

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We have been locked in our homes for more than a year now. It’s no wonder all of us are waiting to travel around to breathe the fresh air. This seems possible, but who knows when!

Till then, why not bring the outdoors inside? Maybe this could give you a beautiful outdoorsy feel without stepping out!. When you revamp your house, never underestimate the wonders indoor plants can do. Plants can transform your space in more ways than you can imagine. Plant decoration ideas are quite a rage!

You might want to bring nature indoors because of the aesthetic values it can add to your home. But if you look a little deeper, you will find out along with being a visual delight, plants have numerous health benefits.

Let’s see what our research tells us about the benefits of having indoor plants:

  • Plants help boost productivity, concentration, and creativity
  • They reduce stress levels and fatigue
  • Plants absorb toxins and improve air quality
  • Green plants help you recover from illness faster
  • Caring for plants can be therapeutic
  • Plants can reduce noise levels

You must be amazed to discover the benefits plants offer. Now, I’m sure you must be excited to learn about some plants decoration ideas at home!

Are you new to plant parenthood and worried about maintenance and attention? Trust us, we understand. caring for plants can be intimidating. But you don’t need to compromise on your dream of having a mini jungle!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started with some innovative and economical home decor ideas with plants you can try:

1. Add Hanging Plants

Hanging plants brighten up your rooms
Image Source: Pixabay

“I want to add beauty to my home with greens, but I don’t have space.”

If you are worried about the small space, hanging plants are the perfect solution for you. You can incorporate plants into your home without sacrificing space. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune on buying expensive and stylish planters. Instead, with just a few hours of effort, inspiration, and a small dose of creativity, you can prepare gorgeous hanging planters.

Here Are 8 Modern Indoor Plants Ideas To Hang Plants.

  • Macrame pot hanger
  • Vertical plant hanger
  • Coconut Planter
  • Embroidery hoop hanging planter
  • Reused plastic bottle plant hanger
  • Hanging baskets
  • Boho hanging shelves
  • Popsicle stick hexagon shelves
  • Macrame branch hangers

2. Decorate The Corner

Decorate a corner with indoor plants
Image Source: Pixabay

You might have furniture and decor all over the place, but you’re wondering why the room still doesn’t look complete. Then this might be the reason- your corner is empty. Corners are often neglected when decorating a home.

Check out some cool ideas on how to decorate a room with simple things!

A simple and best way to highlight the corner is to put a large plant over there. If you don’t have time to give too much attention, then Areca Palm can be the best choice. 

Place a large plant in the corner and see the magic yourself!

3. Use Stunning And Customised Pots

Customised attratctive pots can do wonders to your decor
Image Source: Pixabay

If selecting a plant is the first step, the next crucial step is to check for the pot that is in the perfect size and matches your vibe. If you are going for interior decorating with plants, you shouldn’t miss out on this. Having stunning pots in the room can make it look more appealing and graceful. 

From ceramic to metal, geometric to floral, small to large, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you are tight with the budget, it’s fine. You can still have amazing pots!


Simple. Grab the old plastic bottles, containers, or tins. Now all you have to do is paint them in bright colours. Draw interesting patterns and let them dry. 

What else can be more budget-friendly than this?

4. Pick A Shelf

Place a plant on a shelf to glam up
Image Source: Pinterest

If you have open shelves at your home, it can be a perfect place to put your trailing plants. 

Placing too many plants on a single shelf is not a good idea. It looks clumsy and boring.

An ideal way to decorate your shelf can be combining plants, toys, books, and much more.

Be careful while you pick plants for a shelf. As you know, shelves don’t receive a lot of light. So, you must opt for plants that can tolerate low light conditions. Some better options to put on a shelf might include the ZZ plant, snake plant, and pothos.

Plant decoration in a living room with shelves requires a lot of effort and attention. So, before you choose this, make sure you have enough patience and time to care for plants.

5. Play Up A Lush Jungle Vibe

Arrange lush plants together for jungle look
Image Source: Curbed

If you have large-sized plants and you are thinking of indoor plant arrangement ideas for a curated look, your search ends here!

Group different plants and put them in a corner. This is not just visually attractive but also connects the corner to the rest of the room. It is simple and one of my favourite plant decoration ideas at home. You can’t go wrong choosing this approach.

 Use planters of different colours, sizes, and patterns to give an organized look.

6. Show Off With Centre Table

Beautify the centre table
Image Source: Pixabay

There are myriad options to accessorize your centre table, but green will stand out.

Centre table or a coffee table is one of the best places to show off your plants.

Choose a small and attractive vase. A transparent vase will do amazing. Look for plants that do not need soil to function. You can put different colours of stones in the vase to make it look more attractive.

7. Mobilize A Tree

Go for a wheeled stand for mobile plants
Image Source: Pinterest

Does this sound strange? Yes! I was surprised when I got to know about this. I need to admit; this is quite interesting! Wondering how you can mobilize a tree? Just place a plant on wheels! It’s that simple.

Some plants require direct sunlight, so you need to move your plants in and out every day. This can be a tedious task. That is when wheels come to your rescue. Why buy ‘n’ number of plants for different rooms when you can have one plant in all the rooms.

8. Fake It

Sometimes fake plants can look great too
Image Source: Pexels

Everyone loves the vibe and freshness of having greens inside. But, not all of us have the patience and time to devote to caring for plants. It’s okay! You can still add a touch of nature to your space.

Go for artificial plants. Artificial plants are available in different sizes and colours. Fake plants don’t offer the health benefits real plants do, but they do a marvellous job as decor.

I hope I helped you start your journey as a plant mom. Try out these ways and share with us what your favourite plant decoration ideas at home are.

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