Long distance activities for couples

14 Long Distance Relationship Activities To Feel Closer To Your Partner

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Did you just meet your soulmate sometime back and now he/she is a thousand miles away to pursue his/her dream job? Have you just hit it off with someone online and now you are in a long-distance relationship? 

Well, physical distance sometimes makes a relationship more challenging and therefore it is essential to work on it and not let the distance become a problem. 
So if you’re wondering, how to keep long-distance relationships fun? Don’t worry we got you covered with these long-distance relationship activities to keep that spark burning.

1. Share A Common Photo Folder

It’s difficult to keep up with your partner’s day-to-day life while being in a long-term relationship. A common photo folder can help you see their day-to-day life via pictures. You can be in the moment with them in case they are at a party or a concert.

2. Schedule Important Conversations

It's important to carry out important conversations together
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It is difficult to have those crucial and serious conversations when you’re not meeting your partner in person. These can be conversations related to finances, family, or even the future of your relationship. You should not wait to meet your partner in person and keep things to yourself. You can make a schedule and talk about important things once or twice a month. This is important for a healthy long-distance relationship.

3. Surprise Them With Visits

Surprise your partner by dropping by unexpectedly
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No matter how much you try to stay virtually connected, physical visits are very important. One or two surprise visits every now and then can brighten up your partner’s day and even weeks. So when are you planning your next surprise visit?

4. Exchange Your Perfumes

Body fragrance has a lot to do with physical intimacy. You can exchange perfumes, cologne or fragrances with your partner. It can be useful for days when your partner longs for that physical intimacy and misses having you around.

5. Cook A Meal Together

Cook a meal together
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Cooking is one of the most romantic love languages. You can plan an evening with your partner for cooking or baking together. You can cook a dish that entails some emotional value in your relationship. It can be something you had on your first date. Just try out recreating the same recipe and see if the dish turns out the same for both of you!

6. Make A Romantic Playlist

Mixtapes were a big part of the dating game back in the nineties. You can do the same thing by curating a Spotify playlist for your partner. It is an incredibly sweet and romantic activity that will make your partner swoon. They will always miss you when they listen to these songs.

7. Sharing an Intimate Book Club

Read together in your book club
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If you and your partner are avid readers then having an intimate book club can be a romantic idea. The books you read together will give you something to discuss and talk about. You can also plan one of those quiet and cosy reading dates. It is one of those couple activities for long-distance that deepen a relationship.

8. Do Your Hobbies Together

Keep yoursleves engaged in hobbies together
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We all live busy lives and it is difficult to find time for hobbies. Especially, when you’re in a long-distance relationship all your free time goes into talking to your partner. You can find time for your hobbies by sharing them with your partner over a video chat. It necessarily doesn’t have to be the same, they can play the guitar and you can paint.

9. Netflix And Chill

Watch a movie together
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The couple who Netflix and chill together stay together!  You can take turns to watch each other’s favourite movies and shows. Applications like discord can be used to connect your phones or laptops where you can talk while watching Netflix. It’s one of the most fun long-distance relationship activities online.

10. Plan A Date Night

Wine & Dine together
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Once you’re in a long-distance relationship, you will miss going on dates. However, you can still do a lot with virtual dates. You have put in the effort to make it different from your daily video chats. How? This can be done by ordering the same food and putting on a nice date outfit. You can take it to the next level by lighting some candles and putting on some soothing music. You can find 25 date night ideas here!

Check out some valuable tips on how to look good on video calls to make the most of your long-distance date night!

11. Physical Reminders

Physical reminders are always helpful
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Physical reminders are extremely important when you’re miles away from your partner. They can be any physical item that reminds you of them. So, the next time you visit them, leave your clothes or books at their place. You can give them something which they use daily. Feel free to steal their hoodies and mugs. This will ensure that whenever you look or touch that object, you feel your partner’s energy.

12. Sending Takeaways and Care Packages

Send your partner some love gifts
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There are some needs and wants of your partner that they only share with you. Surprise them by sending them their favourite food that they have been craving for a long time. Send them a custom-made care package of things that you want to pamper them with. This shows that you listen to what they say and you care about their needs and wants.

13. Don’t Neglect Physical Intimacy

Don't neglect the physical intimacy
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Being physically intimate is just as important for any healthy relationship as emotional intimacy. And being physically apart from a partner for a long time can bother a couple’s well-being. You have to make sure that you are giving enough importance to sexual intimacy. You have to communicate about your needs to your partner and work your way around them as much as possible.

Want to find out what is your “language of Love” as a couple? take this fun quiz to learn about yourselves as a couple!

14. Work Together

It’s a sad reality that you won’t always be free to carry out all these long-distance relationship ideas and activities with your partner. Sometimes, you need to prioritise work no matter how much you want to spend time with your significant other. In such cases, video chatting over a zoom call while doing daily chores or work can be a really good option. This helps you stay connected and to find beauty in mundane activities of life. 

We hope that this gives you some ideas to engage with your partner in a better way. Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship? If yes, what long-distance relationship activities did you do to keep in touch with your partner? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments. We would love to know your stories!

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