10 Latest Tamil Movies of 2024 You Must Not Miss

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What do summer weekends mean to you? Well, if you’re in India, it surely means fewer outdoor activities and more chilling indoors! My ideal summer weekend would look something like this: All curtains drawn, AC on, chilled beer (or tall glasses of lemonade with ice) and indulging in a movie marathon. Wow, I already can’t wait for the weekend to start! If my idea of a perfect weekend resonates with you but you’re still wondering what to watch for your movie-thon, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the 10 latest Tamil Movies of 2024 that you might want to catch up on over the weekend. Keep reading to know!

1. Veppam Kullir Mazhai

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Debutant director Pascal Vedamuthu creates a social drama with perfect doses of comedy set in the rural backdrop of Tamil Nadu. The story is about a newlywed couple who face the constant societal pressure to conceive a baby. Actors Ismath Banu and Dhirav ace the main characters of Paandi and Petthaperumal respectively. The storytelling is seamless with a strong message without being preachy. Veppam Lullir Mazhai (which translates into heat, cool and rain) is one of the finest recent films in Tamil that you must watch for its solid story and crisp filmmaking.

Where to watch: Prime Video

2. Idi Minnal Kadhal

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If you’re looking for a light action movie with twists and romance on the side, Idi Minnal Kadhal might just be the film for you. Director Balaji Madhavan weaves a story about an accident and how the characters are affected by the aftermath in the process of attempting to undo the incident. There is tension, conflicts, confusion and resolution. It’s an entertaining flick with some thrilling moments.

Where to watch: Prime Video

3. DeAR

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Talk about unusual quirky movie plots! A young couple, newly married, all giddy and excited to start their life together with dreams and romance on the horizon; it all looks peachy and promises a sweet mushy love story until the husband discovers his bride’s monstrous snoring that doesn’t let him sleep for a second! This has to be one of the funniest and most interesting latest Tamil movies this year written & directed by Anand Ravichandran. Aishwarya Rajesh is a delight to watch as always, only this time she is seen in a very unique refreshing role. All the actors are brilliant- Rohini, Ilavarasu, G.V. Prakash Kumar and Geetha Kailasam are some of the names worth mentioning. Please watch this hilarious Tamil movie that will surely fill your weekend with laughs!

Where to watch: Netflix

4. Por

Watch the sizzling trailer of Por on Youtube

Friendships turned into rivalries, College festivals, competitions, motorcycle stunts, dance numbers and great music- there you go! You got yourself a full-blown Tamil entertainer to binge on a Sunday afternoon. The star casts of Arjun Das & Kalidas Jayaram are just the icing on the cake you need! Director Bejoy Nambiar along with writers Neil Julian Balthazar and Mithila Hegde create a high-tension college drama with sassy dialogues and glitzy shots. Por is one of the recent films in Tamil that’s a perfect weekend watch.

Where to watch: Netflix

5. J Baby

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Actor Urvashi plays the ‘Boss Lady’ in the film and how! An overbearing tough badass middle-aged single mom who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Neither a shopkeeper nor her family.  And what happens when she feels her own family is not paying her the kind of respect she deserves? She disappears on purpose! Director Suresh Mari comes up with a family drama with a tight script laced with justified amounts of comedy and emotions. There are laughs, tears and sighs throughout the movie. But in the end, you will only have a smile on your face! Go watch J Baby now for some feel-good weekend moments.

Where to watch: Prime Video

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6. Ranam Aram Thavarel

Image Courtesy: Imdb

Are you done with our list of murder mystery web series and craving for some more? Well, here is one of the latest Tamil movies of 2024 that promises mystery, murder, serial killing and crime! The plot is about a crime writer who gets entangled in a series of murders after a nurse’s mystery death. There are all the necessary ingredients for a thriller movie. Director Sherief manages to use actor Vaibhav Reddy to his best potential delivering an edge-of-the-seat experience.

Where to watch: Prime Video

7. Siren

Watch the nail-biting trailer of Siren on Youtube

An ambulance driver convicted of a crime (which he did or did not commit) is imprisoned for fourteen years. He awaits his release and once he is out on parole to see his daughter, a series of events take place ensuing suspense and mystery. Siren is director Anthony Bhagyaraj’s debut project starring actor Jayram Ravi in the lead role. Actor Yogi Babu deserves a special mention and offers the comic relief you would want. This is one of the recent Tamil movies of this year that has a sufficient amount of crime suspense thriller masala!

Where to watch: Disney+Hotstar

8. Blue Star

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Director S. Jayakumar collaborates with writer Tamizh Prabha to develop an amusing plot further embellished by beautiful music, scenic backdrops and crisp acting. Blue Star is the story of two cricket team captains Ranjith and Rajesh (played by Ashok Selvan & Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, respectively) in the town of Arakkonam. There is rivalry, politics and cricket- all major three constituents to create a high-strung sports drama. Both actors Ashok Selvan and Shanthanu were brilliant choices for their roles. Veteran actors Bagavathy Perumal and Kumaravel only enhanced the characters with their nuances. Do give this a shot over the weekend, especially if you like sports drama.

Where to watch: Prime Video

9. Bairi

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If you’re looking for an unconventional story executed with smooth finesse, don’t miss Bairi (or Byri). Writer-director John Glady painted a picture giving the audience a peek at the lives of real characters of Tamil Nadu’s small towns. The film is about a boy who loses his father and eventually gets consumed in the hobby of racing pigeons. While his mother struggles to revive her connection with her son, he gets deeper into the clutches of this hobby. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions with fast-paced plot points and action sequences. The climax itself is quite unpredictable, hence worth the whole 2 hours 20 minutes watch.

Where to watch: Prime Video

10. Pon Ondru Kanden

Watch the hilarious trailer of Pon Ondru Kandan here

Pon Ondru Kanden is a film about love and friendship and the complexities that come with them. The lovely Aishwarya Laxmi brightens up the screen with her presence, every time she walks in. Ashok Selvan and Vasant Ravi portray the roles of two school friends with very contrasting personalities. Their chemistry in the form of rivalry is the soul of the movie and they do an incredible job in bringing the characters to life. Writer-director Priya and Reema Ravichander’s partnership makes this one of the most sought-after latest Tamil movies of 2024.

Where to watch: Jio Cinemas

Are there any more Tamil movies you watched this year that we missed? Do let us know in the comment section below. Feel free to share your reviews and feedback too after watching these Tamil movies from our list!


  1. Alaka, Thanks for this wonderful gift of entertainment for the Tamilians especially. I only watched these movies after reading your post and I have to say your selections are spot on. I shared it with my friends and they asked me to convey their thanks too.

    Actually most of us missed these story based and entertaining movies in the clutter of high budget plain vanilla ones. You never cease to surprise with your selection of subjects and surprise me with your consistently well written content.

    1. Thank you Vishnu for your kind words. Really appreciate it. I’m so glad you enjoyed the read and actually watched the movies recommended. Let me know what your friends think too! 🙂

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