“I Have A Joke” Tweets That Are Breaking The Internet – A Compilation

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“I have a joke” one liners have taken the twitter world by storm.

Personally, this has been one of the wittiest trends to go viral since I signed up on Twitter more than a decade ago. From tax cuts to unemployment to marathons to startups, there is a joke about everything. Amidst the pandemic, these memes and jokes have managed to keep the spirits high.

The mania started with users sharing jokes on different professions. Very soon, it picked up stereotypes, issues, causes and controversies. Most organisations were fast picking up the trend and share their voice in the hope of getting some eyeballs.

The fascinating bit is the fact that most of the jokes are super sarcastic and self-deprecating in nature. For those (like me) who like dark humour, this is for you!

Here are some of the best #IHaveAJoke tweets

I Have A Joke On Tech

I Have A Joke On Sports

On a side note, here’s a blog on how Liverpool winning the Premier League after 30 years awakened the “Red Devil” – As one Manchester United supporter experienced!

I Have A Joke On Professions/ Industries

Human Resources
Another one on Fintech/ payments

#IHaveAJoke By Brands


Most Liked/ Retweeted

This one from Monica Lewinsky has to be one most discussed and trolled on the internet. This one really got US tweeps talking with even some of the comments getting thousands of likes – some in support, others in total anger.

Some Personal Favourites

Marathons/ Running

This one is brilliant. Reminded me of me training for my maiden marathon and the learnings for it.

Climate Change
Tax Cuts

Instagram has also jumped on the bandwagon but that clearly has not taken off. As of today, there are only 2153 posts with hashtag #ihaveajoke, compared to twitter that’s adding about 500 tweets an hour on this.

I am sure there are more of these uber witty tweets to come – I will add more as and when I discover them.


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