Decorate your room with simple things

10 Ways On How To Decorate A Room With Simple Things

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Ever since the pandemic, most of us have been working from home, looking at the boring walls and the lifeless furniture lying around. You keep thinking about buying some new furniture to revamp your room. But you’re afraid of making a dent in your pocket.

Well, here’s good news for you. A little creativity, imagination, and the will to recycle, and voila! Your same old boring room has the potential to look like a brand new bride! Intrigued?

Here are nine ways how to decorate a room with simple things. Keep reading and you just might want to thank me later!

1. Declutter

Decluttering is where you start
Image source: Orange Crew

I need more space!

I need peace!

Sounds familiar? Of course…we all say these lines in our minds (if not aloud) especially when stuck in a room for so long. It’s no wonder a lot of us associate space with peace.

 But, for once, just once, have a complete look at your home, every room, and every corner.

I can assure you, you will realis, there are a hundred things just lying around capturing space in your room which are of no value. But, if you are lucky, you might have also found the old albums that remind you of your childhood and small cute toys gifted by your friend.

Now, you know what your next step is – Declutter.

Let me be honest. Decluttering is a bit painful. It requires strong will power, and sometimes a stone-cold heart. It’s not easy to let go of things, we understand. But, trust us, once you’ve mastered the art of decluttering and remove things that are of no use anymore, you’ll feel fresh. Not only you would magically discover that you have plenty of space to play around, you will feel rejuvenated. Here a few tips:

  • Toss of things, especially in your living room that you haven’t used in the past 1 year. Be firm
  • Keep phone numbers of NGOs handy who would collect old things from your house. Call them as soon as you’re done with your decluttering
  • Ask close friends if they would like to take something you don’t use
  • Sell off on OLX
  • Don’t let yourself buy new clothes until you’ve donated or gotten rid of your old ones

2. Rearrange

Rearranging gives your room a new look
Image source: HGTV

I’ve been living in the same house for 11 years now. It’s been more than a year since I decided to move to a new house. But, thanks to the pandemic, it had different plans!

Change brings motivation. So, I decided to change (no, not my home). I rearranged the furniture. And, you know what? My .whole house looks so different now, it seems I actually moved to a new one!

Living in the same house for a very long time can become monotonous. Maybe when you moved in, you might have put up a sofa against a wall, a table in the corner of the room, and a bed in the middle. But, now you feel that’s not working well. It’s natural to get bored. Everybody needs a change of view.

Try moving things around. Experiment with every object and its location and see what works best. Even a little change in the orientation of your furniture might give your home a fresh look.

3. Add Curtains

Glam up with beautiful curtains
Image source: Homes and gardens

I have this curious neighbour who peeps through my window all day. (Do you have one such neighbour too?)

I was annoyed, and that’s when I started using curtains. To my surprise, I noticed there are a lot of other advantages of having curtains. Let’s have a look at them.

Advantages of having curtains


  • Gives privacy.
  • Prevent dust from entering the room.
  • Filter the sunlight that’s coming inside.

Moreover, a curtain is also an important element of decor that can be used to decorate the room. It adds a pop of color and instantly makes the room look more elegant and bright. From velvet to lace, pastels to solid colours, geometric to floral – you have an endless array of options to choose from.

4. Create A Gallery Wall

Catchy gallery walls always work
Image source: Unsplash

I love a gallery wall. Who doesn’t? If you don’t love, I’m sorry! We can’t be friends!?

Here’s your chance to transform your dull wall into a vibrant vista. Put your art pieces, photos, block prints, or all of them together into frames of different sizes and place them on a wall. And, your gallery wall is ready! Prepare a collage of all your travel memories or frame your special moments with family and friends in different sizes. If you are tight on budget and don’t want to spend on frames, it’s alright! I can help you out. Here is what you can do alternatively:

  • Get your favorite wallpapers from the internet printed.
  • Take 2 or 3 washi tapes of different colors.
  • Cut the washi tapes according to the size of printed sheets and place them around the sheets.

An inexpensive yet attractive gallery wall is ready to glam up your house! So if you’ve been wondering, how to decorate a room wall with simple things, now you know! This has been in trend for a while now and seems unlikely to go out of style.

5. Set Up Indoor Plants

Add a touch of green in your room
Image source: Pexels

If you have a special interest in gardening, you would love this particular home decoration idea!

What else can be more aesthetic than plants? Indoor plants are not just visually pleasing, but they enhance the room by bringing life to it. Large varieties of plants are available in interesting colours, leaf patterns, and sizes.

Also, there’s so much more to it than beauty. Indoor plants have a lot of health benefits that you’ve never imagined.

Advantages of indoor plants

They can:

  • Create a pleasant atmosphere to work and relax.
  • Help you breathe fresh air by absorbing toxins.
  • Boost productivity.
  • Help reduce stress

Pick floor lamps with stands where your can keep small plants. Or simply place them around your furniture, corner of the room, beside the sofa or TV unit. Best part about having indoor plants for decorating your home is you can never go wrong with them.

6. Hang Wall Shelves

Quirky wall shelves for a contemporary look
Image source: Pexels

You don’t need to spend a fortune on furniture for storage. Instead, you can opt for a few simple wall shelves. They take care of your storage, and at the same time, make the wall look complete. This solves your concern about how to decorate living-room with simple things!

If you’re like me, who loves books for their content just as much as for their aesthetic appeal, open wall shelves are for you. Be it a living room, bedroom, or bathroom, you can decorate using these. Wall shelves are available in different sizes and colors, no matter how big or small, dull or bright your room is, they are good to go.

7. Add Cushions

Colourful cushions are a must have
Image source: Unsplash

The whole aim of a makeover is to make you feel at home and comfortable. Imagine your room has everything like decor, furniture, and plants in place, but you didn’t take the cushions seriously. The purpose is lost. 

You must invest your time and money in choosing the fabric, prints, and colours of cushions.

If you live in a rental home where the walls are boring then, you can instantly change the whole game, adding some bright printed cushions.

It’s okay if they don’t turn out just as you imagined. You can always experiment with cushion covers and change them whenever you feel like it. Get funky cushions with messages or pop colours to brighten up your home.

8. Add Fairy Lights

Party mode on with Fairy lights
Image source: Pexels

Going out, watch movies at the theatre, partying with friends…all of these seem possible in the future far far away! So what do we do? Of course, we party at home! That’s when these fairy lights come in handy. Fairy lights not just add sparkle to the room but immediately uplifts your mood. You can decorate the room with fairy lights in many interesting ways.

This is my personal favorite, Just take old liquor bottles and stuff the fairy lights inside them. And simply plug them on! This adds a magic touch to the entire room.

9. Throw A Carpet

Cute rugs to beautify your room floor
Image source: Unsplash

Wall decor and furniture are essential. But, your living room or bedroom makeover is never complete without decorating the floor space. A simple decor idea to beautify your bedroom or living room is by adding a carpet or a rug in the right place. A perfectly printed and coloured rug changes the room from ordinary to extraordinary by glamourising the floor. Pick your rug colour keeping the theme of your room in mind.\

10. Add Posters

Adding posters on wall always glams it up
Image Source: Pinterest

Movie buff, music enthusiast, or a sports guy…if you’re passionate about anything, don’t be shy to show off a little! Movie posters or favourite rockstars, an enlarged well framed picture always enhances the, look of your wall. Pick a wall and add your frames to them. you will be surprised by the final outlook!

I am sure by now; you got numerous ideas on how to decorate a room with simple things. Try them out and comment down to let us know your favourite decor idea!

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