Snake plant: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

Reading Time: 6 minutes ‘Would you care to wake up today’? The clarion call from behind the trembling curtains was enough to jolt me out of my morning siesta – the last leg of your goodnight sleep. The extra five minutes of sweet nothings that you whisper in the ears of your comfy pillow. The time when you leisurely bid farewell to your slumber. You love to roll over, stretch, and squeeze. In the end, you find solace only through unconditional surrender. ‘Hello… Mr. Shameless Sleeper!’ The shout was more alarming than my timid clock. Reluctantly, I scraped myself out of the bed. It …

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Sound sleep benefits happy

A Habit Called Sleep

Reading Time: 8 minutes “Burn the midnight Oil” “I will sleep when I am dead” “There will be sleeping enough in the grave…” There are more where this came from. Gluttony and laziness (usually defined by sleeping) must be the most reviled of vices. While I didn’t really hate sleeping, I didn’t condone it either. For all my adult life (and that’s quite a few years if you were asking) I have needed 7 to 8 hours of sleep to remain sane the next day. If I could count the number of times my friends lost their tempers at me for falling asleep or …

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Corona Lockdown

4 Ways To Make the Most of the COVID-19 Lockdown

Reading Time: 6 minutes If your lifestyle and work schedule is like mine, this Covid-19 lockdown must be giving you at least 2 hours of extra time every day (less travel!). If your job has been impacted due to the pandemic, then that extra time will be higher. Some people are making the best use of this time – learning, resting, retrospecting, creating. Watching the number of infected people 5 times a day on 3 news and 4 social media channels won’t add any value. This is the time to get healthy, up your game with new skills and declutter your life. Here is …

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