Learn new hobbies

10 New Hobbies To Learn That Are Effective Happiness And Productivity Boosters

Reading Time: 8 minutes As Covid-19 continues to spread across the globe, people are tired of staying home alone. Work from home has taken a toll on their health and they’re constantly stressed or worried. In such a situation, it’s crucial to develop a hobby and spend time in an innovative manner. Your hobby reflects who you are and this is absolutely true. The kind of hobbies you have shows your personality as an individual. We can know someone better by their choices and hobbies. Today, we bring to you unique hobbies, creative hobbies and hobbies to do alone. Here are some new hobbies …

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coffee can portfolio 2021 2020 cover image

Coffee Can Portfolio: 2021, 2020 List of Stocks + FAQs! (Updated)

Reading Time: 12 minutes “Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it.” Albert Einstein  If you already know What a Coffee Can Portfolio or Coffee Can Investing is, jump right to the main topic of the blog – How to invest in the Coffee Can Portfolio. There are many new things that I learnt during the SARS COVID 19 pandemic – getting deeper into the world of investing into the equity markets has to be somewhere at the top. It’s definitely not an easy subject as there is real money involved and …

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Bengali veg recipes without onion and garlic

10 Yummylicious Bengali Veg Recipes without Onion And Garlic (Is That Even Possible?!)

Reading Time: 16 minutes Yes, we know we’ve been writing articles on “Bengali fish recipes” and how Bengalis have a secret love affair with eggs and so on! And we meant every word. However, there is so much more to a Bengali Cuisine than meets the eye (or mouth!). The 1972 Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s classic comedy movie Bawarchi showcased a typical Bengali big joint family set up.  Rajesh Khanna being the Bawarchi says this dialogue while flaunting his culinary knowledge to the whole family, “Main kam se kam 3-4 sau kism ki chutney bana sakta hoon. Aaj ek khaiye, saal bhar ke baad uski baari …

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Cracking TOEFL or IELTS will land you at your dream university

Difference Between IELTS Vs TOEFL: Which Is Easier To Take?

Reading Time: 4 minutes International Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are two main English proficiency tests available for college students and employees from non-English speaking countries. Keep on reading to find out which one is easier – IELTS vs TOEFL? Although similar in ambition and focus, these tests differ widely in their approach and testing criteria. We have divided this article into two parts – basic information and most important differences. So, while you should definitely work on the ways to improve your English communication skills, there are several other factors that you should consider before taking …

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zerodha smallcase review cover image

Smallcase Review: Pros and Cons, Charges, Risks and Top Portfolios

Reading Time: 10 minutes When it comes to investing, I have been a late bloomer. I started my investing journey in my 30s (and that’s quite late). Throughout my 7-8 years of investing, I’ve been hesitant of investing directly in stocks and hence have stuck to the traditional approach of sticking to mutual funds. This was until 2020 post pandemic, when I was reviewing my investment strategy and exploring various options. While browsing YouTube, I serendipitously came across Smallcase.  Post COVID19 onset, retail investors had a lot of disposable income as general consumption dropped. This is evident from the fact that new Demat accounts …

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Plant decoration ideas at home

8 Brilliant Plants Decoration Ideas At Home That Wont Burn a Hole In Your Pocket

Reading Time: 6 minutes We have been locked in our homes for more than a year now. It’s no wonder all of us are waiting to travel around to breathe the fresh air. This seems possible, but who knows when! Till then, why not bring the outdoors inside? Maybe this could give you a beautiful outdoorsy feel without stepping out!. When you revamp your house, never underestimate the wonders indoor plants can do. Plants can transform your space in more ways than you can imagine. Plant decoration ideas are quite a rage! You might want to bring nature indoors because of the aesthetic values …

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Best hotels in Gurugram with private pools

7 Hotels With Private Pools in Gurgaon For a Relaxing Getaway

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are you looking to have a quick weekend getaway or a staycation at a premium hotel in Gurgaon?Well, don’t worry because we got you and made a list of the best hotels with private pools in Gurgaon for your perfect weekend getaway. These places are perfect to visit with your family friends or even if you’re going solo. You can even carry your laptop if you plan to stay longer. Because, why work from home, when you can work from anywhere? 1. Taj City Centre Gurugram Taj City Centre offers private pools to their guests and even private pool party …

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How to look good on video calls

How To Look Good On Video Calls: 6 Step Guide From Drab to Fab!

Reading Time: 6 minutes With the second wave of COVID 19 hitting us all of us are working from home and zoom calls have become a part of our daily routine.  We have put together a list of tips and tricks that will make you look professional on zoom calls and make your work from home life much easier.  Although these steps are not limited to zoom meetings you can use these to look good on WhatsApp video calls, Facebook and Instagram live, even while playing online games with students or at any time you want to sit in front of the camera, record …

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8 ingredients for making homemade scrub for face

Homemade Scrub For Face – 8 Ingredients That Your Skin Will Love!

Reading Time: 8 minutes Who doesn’t want to shine? None! Every one of us wants healthy and radiant skin. We are ready to go to any extent to achieve it. Homemade scrub for face must be a part of your skincare regime for picture-perfect and flawless skin. But, we often put the basics aside and dig deep for solutions that are right in front of us. Do you want to know what I’m talking about? Read on… It’s crucial to take care of skin externally, but primarily healthy skin comes from within.  So, here are a few things you need to do first, to …

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Lockdown Stress? 5 Easy and Full-Proof Methods To Cope With It – Try These Now!

Reading Time: 5 minutes The second wave of Covid 19 has hit us hard. There have been reports talking about the increasing level of lockdown stress and anxiety among people of all age groups. The long periods of lockdown have been causing stress because of multiple reasons including family issues, disinterest towards life, financial challenges, and so on.  Here are some ways to cope with these tough times as we go face this global pandemic: 1. Use Stress-Management Methods The first step of coping with lockdown stress is to realise that you are stressed and then you need to do something about it. Some …

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