Best Horror Movies of 2023 To Binge-Watch On Netflix/Prime This Halloween

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2023 has been the lollapalooza of spine-chilling horror movies, the Mardi Gras for scare junkies. From friendly spirits to evil animatronic humanoids, and from demonic possessions to gut-wrenching body horrors – the year has been mind-leeched (Yes, that’s too a 2023 movie!) with some of the best horror flicks of the decade.

Not to forget, Renfield and The Last Voyage of the Demeter, which revived the good old memoirs of Count Dracula.

And it’s just September!

With Halloween just around the corner, confess your darkest secrets and absolve yourself of your sins to step into this eerie horror hole. Here are 10 best horror movies for a super spooky binge-watch experience, this Halloween weekend.

1. The Pope’s Exorcist

Director Julius Avery took the possession genre to a whole new level by narrating the story of Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s leading exorcist. Inspired by real-life incidents, this edge-of-the-seat horror thriller features Oscar winner Russell Crowe as a sly, foolhardy, scooter-riding priest. Crowe along with Daniel Zovatto (as Father Esquibel), investigates the possession of a child, and in turn, uncovers a century-old buried secret of the Vatican.

Inspired by the actual case files of the Vatican, this edge-of-the-seat horror thriller features Russell Crowe as Father Gabriele Amorth.
Where to watch: Netflix

2. Bayi Ajaib

Greed is the root of all evil, quite literally. And if you are unfortunate enough, it might even summon the grudge of the unholy. Bayi Ajaib (meaning magical baby in Indonesian) tells the story of Kosim, who accidentally turns affluent following a sudden discovery of gold. However, his comfortable life crumbles when his infant child is possessed by a malicious spirit. Filled with incessant jump scares, unnerving blood splatters, and the jitters of the south-eastern countryside, Bayi Ajaib is surely an underrated Indonesian classic. Do check this out if you are into foreign horror films.

The rawness of this ominous Indonesian horror is going to crawl under your skin
Where to watch: Netflix

3. We Have A Ghost

This supernatural whodunnit comedy by director Christopher Landon is a perfect weekend family watch. Taking a hilarious dig at today’s cell phone culture, the film tells the story of Frank Presley (Anthony Mackie), and his increasingly distant teenage son Kevin (Jahi Di’Allo Winston). The father-son duo move to Chicago, where Kevin bumps into a mute, amnesic trapped soul called Ernest (David Harbour) in the attic. Rather than having cold feet, he accidentally films Ernest to turn him into an overnight YouTube sensation. This brings the Presleys on the radar of a shady CIA agent. However, this doesn’t stop them from helping the poor soul. But as they dig deep to find the identity of Ernest’s killer, they unleash a series of catastrophes.

This cute supernatural horror comedy is sure to tug at your heartstrings
Where to watch: Netflix

4. The Offering

Based on the Jewish folktale of Abyzou, The Offering is a movie you want to watch with lights on! This Kabbalah horror-thriller is set amidst the macabre ambience of a mortuary. It tells the story of an estranged son who comes home to reconcile with his father, but unfortunately, he gets tormented by an ancient evil spirit with sinister plans for his unborn child. With plenty of folklore, an eerie atmosphere, and incessant jump scares, The Offering is a decent watch. Especially if you love old-school demonic screamfests.

Must watch if you are a fan of good old-fashioned demonic movies
Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

5. Phenomena

Charlie’s Angels meets Ghostbusters in this Spanish horror-comedy by director Carlos Therón. Set in 90’s Madrid, Phenomena revolves around three middle-aged women, Sagrario, Paz, and Gloria, who investigate the paranormal events surrounding the mysterious disappearance of their leader, Father Pilón. Laced with dark colours, flickering lights, and an array of quirky characters, this light-hearted supernatural flick is pretty entertaining, if you keep your critic hat aside.

A cliff-hanging horror thriller based on the real incidents of the Hepta Group of women
Where to watch: Netflix

6. M3GAN

The one 2023 movie that held the horror movie industry by the hair and shook it, is definitely M3GAN. A quintessential Blumhouse production, this sensational sci-fi horror flick brought alive the dark side of technology, quite literally. The story revolves around a robotics engineer at a high-tech toy company, who builds a lifelike humanoid doll to help her 8-year-old niece Cady cope with her parent’s death. Slowly and gradually, M3GAN begins to take on a life of its own, which consequently makes things take a nosedive. A perfect concoction of a fast-paced storyline, brilliant cinematography, and nail-biting moments. This ‘rare horror comedy’ is sure to make you pause, especially the next time you pass on your mobile phone to a kid.

Don’t miss out on M3gan, the bizarre sci-fi horror that effortlessly became a spine-chilling sensation
Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

7. Renfield

Count Dracula has been stealing the thunder ever since Bram Stoker revealed the existence of the legendary vampire in 1897. The undead, centuries-old monster has always risen above his moonstruck followers, sucking the spotlight and leaving them thirsty for attention. Until now. In 2023, Director Chris McKay revived the story of Renfield, Dracula’s deliriously devoted servant, and made him bite the lion’s share in this eponymous horror comedy.

Having grown sick and tired of his narcissistic master and his diabolical tantrums, Renfield renounces Dracula in search of redemption. The reason? His love for the feisty, hot-headed traffic cop Rebecca Quincy. Filled with insanely graphic violence – severed limbs, exploding heads, and buckets of blood – this offbeat vampire film will make you grin and gasp, at the same time. Nicholas Cage with his jagged teeth, wide eyes, and unexpected inflection hams it up as Count Dracula. Both Nicholas Hoult as Renfield and Awkwafina as Rebecca Quincy leave a mark with their sterling performances. If you are looking for an extremely entertaining LOL horror flick, make sure to add Renfield to your watch list.

Lots of ketchup and a bloody twist on the overdone vampire genre
Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

8. Viking Wolf (aka Vikingulven)

No horror marathon is complete without a monster flick. So, if you’re one of those who find solace in the deep growl of a ravenous werewolf, catch this Norwegian horror thriller for a blood-chilling Halloween. Viking Wolf puts an unexpected modern twist on traditional werewolf narratives. The story revolves around Thale, a teenage outcast, who moves into a quaint Norwegian town with her mother. After witnessing a gruesome murder at a local party, Thale starts having bizarre desires and strange visions. No prizes for guessing that she gets bitten by a werewolf, which makes the plot pretty linear. However, it’s the unsettling atmosphere, hyperrealistic CGI, and spine-tingling use of blood, gore, and shadows that make Viking Wolf an intriguing watch.

Watch this Norwegian Netflix hit for the love of werewolves
Where to watch: Netflix

9. Home For Rent

Thai movies have always been known for their ‘tales with a twist’. And the latest chiller from their kitchen is no exception. Inspired by terrifying true events, Home For Rent narrates the agony of a homeowner in the hands of new tenants. However, this is no home invasion potboiler. The tenants are members of a Satanic cult who are looking for their next prey to sacrifice. Did you just feel chills going down your spine? Wait till you get pleasantly scared with its character-driven storyline and a plot that escalates in unsuspecting ways. The story is told from several perspectives that add a thrilling angle to the narrative. Add to this, great CGI, superb editing, and believable acting, and you have a movie that will keep you hooked till the end. Directed by Sophon Sakdaphisit, Home For Rent is a must-watch if you love black magic and weird cults.

Thai cinema rocks yet again with this creepy cult thriller
Where to watch: Netflix

10. Scream VI

If you loved Jenna Ortega on Wednesday, you will fall head over heels watching her in this newest Scream chapter. The latest generation of Woodsboro survivors escapes from the suburban shadow of the Ghostface to set up a fresh life in New York City. Unfortunately, the brutal killer soon catches up with them. The opening scene is incredible. And from there on, the movie delivers an adrenaline-pumping experience till the climatic showdown. The tension builds up with each slasher moment, making you hold your breath to see if the rest can pull through. In conclusion, Scream VI successfully rekindles the horror thriller genre with its clever storytelling, tight execution, and nail-biting suspense.

The all-time slasher favourite comes back in a nail-biting new avatar
Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Now that you have got a pocketful of horror flicks to shudder this Halloween, which ones are going to top your watchlist? And if you think, we have missed out on your favourite one, do let us know in the comments section below. Let there be fright!

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