Lotus Temple, Delhi, India. Pictures from a plane window

23 Breathtaking Aerial Pictures From A Plane Window

Reading Time: 8 minutes Pictures from a plane window give a surprising aerial view of the landscape (and of course, a different perspective of the place). For this, me & and my camera, both remain ready during flight take-offs & landings. Here are some selected pictures taken from a plane window, amongst several attempts, across various travels. ALL photographs in this article are clicked by me. Viewing Tip: For best views, turn your device to landscape mode and then reload the page. 1.  Batam Island, Indonesia – From a Plane Window This is ”Funtasy Island Resort” (official name is Pulau Manis). It’s a part …

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Women riding bicycle by the sea

How To Choose A Bicycle – Beginner’s Guide

Reading Time: 9 minutes Selecting the wrong bicycle is probably the #1 reason, why the initial enthusiasm of most beginners fizzles out after a few months. So choose your bicycle with the following tips. I have seen this happen with a lot of my friends and colleagues. This blog is an effort towards ensuring that the readers are aware of things to keep in mind while planning to buy a bicycle – whether it’s the first or an upgrade. Bicycle, or cycle or bike is a perfect companion and works well as a Eco-friendly transport A quick trip to the market. Healthy habit Recreation …

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Travel to Beijing China

Top 7 Tips For a Business Travel to China (And a Bonus Tip For Vegetarians!)

Reading Time: 8 minutes Some ground level tips to navigate through the language & technology barriers of China for a Business Travel to China. Useful for a backpacker or a business traveler. “There are no foreign lands.It is the traveler only who is foreign” Robert Louis Stevenson Taxis zooming past, jazzy public transport, high-speed trains, swanky buses & rapid transit corridors, web of subway. But nothing seems accessible. China has grown rapidly in technology & infrastructure over the past years. Alongside it has created its parallel universe of home-grown apps, to replace Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Maps, Amazon, Uber etc. None of these are …

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