Gender diversity at Workplace

Why Is Gender Diversity In Leadership Important?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The question may seem pretty basic and very intuitive but really, how many people really understand why it is very important to have gender representation at all levels of workplace? Let’s start with clarifying what gender diversity means. Wikipedia defines this as “Equitable or fair representation between genders. It most commonly refers to an equitable ratio of men and women, but may also include non-binary gender categories.” Gender diversity is about better representation of all the genders at all levels of governance. “A study from the US that examined the performance of 1,500 companies over 15 years showed that at an average level of …

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climate anxiety and how to deal with it

Climate Anxiety Is Real

Reading Time: 3 minutes Summary – Climate anxiety is a condition that impacts a small set of people who are climate conscious and are becoming paralysed by their worry for the environment. The best way to help them is showing respect for the environment and seeing impact of climate action Climate change is a reality. It impacts us in every possible way as we interact with Earth and its systems continuously. As systems change, climate is impacted. There are multiple ways in which people choose to respond to climate change, and if I say, impending climate calamity. One way is to say that all …

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Waste management

Local Governments And Waste Management

Reading Time: 5 minutes “The job of a government is to collect waste and taxes”, so go the immortal words uttered by Joel Singer (Director of the International Law Department in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Judge Advocate General Corps and, subsequently, Legal Adviser to the Israeli Foreign Ministry) in the HBO drama called Oslo. Joel Singer negotiated the Oslo Accords between Israel and Palestine leading to the formal global acceptance of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). That, however interesting, isn’t the reason for the write-up. What I wish to raise is that local governments in India, Municipal Bodies, have miserably failed in doing …

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