Finger-lickin' Biryani joints in London

The Ultimate Guide to Biryani in London: ‘THE’ Best Places to Get Your Fix

Reading Time: 8 minutes “Biryani is not food, it’s an emotion“! Whose quote is that you ask? Only every Biryani Lover in the world. An exquisite cuisine, a comfort food, or a go-to meal – call it whatever you want. With 2.28 orders per second, biryani was the most ordered item on food-delivery platforms in India consistently over the last three years. So what does a true blue biryani lover like me do when he moves from Delhi to London? Well, he starts the process, ofcourse. Of carefully researching. Painstakingly hiking to different places of London on cold wintry nights. And starts tasting ’em. …

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Story of an expat living in the UK

Tales Of An Indian Expat: A Story Of Living Abroad

Reading Time: 8 minutes The decision to move abroad can be scary. There’s a constant fear of the unknown, a feeling of being in the unfamiliar. But what if I told you that moving to another country can open new doors for you and even enrich your life? Well, that is exactly what has happened to thousands of people from India, like me, who have had the courage to take that step. Whether it’s for better career prospects, educational opportunities, new friends, or just a change of scenery, people from India who have made the move have found that their overseas experience was worth …

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Liverpool Wins League, A United Fan’s Nightmare – Literally!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Last night, I was woken up with the noise of something metallic falling on the wooden floorboards. I sat bolt upright on the bed and looked at the watch – 2:58AM! The noise had clearly come from the other side of the house. I am a heavy sleeper and I don’t wake up that easily, even if the ceiling is coming down. But last night, something was different. Just 5 hours earlier… ….I had witnessed something extraordinary. 1151 matches and 30 years later, a “small” ??? footballing club from Merseyside had won the biggest sporting trophy in the UK. Liverpool …

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Tagore and his art

The name is Tagore…Rabindranath Tagore!

Reading Time: 5 minutes রবি কবি বলে গেছিলেন – “যদি তোমার দেখা না পাই প্রভু, এবার এ জীবনে….তবে তোমায় আমি পাইনি যেন সে কথা রয়ে মনে“| আর অয়ন মজুমদার (who again!?) বলে চলেছেন – “যদি রবীন্দ্রনাথকে না আনলেন মনের চিন্তনে……..তাহলে কি আর ঠাকুর দেখলেন এই বাঙালি জীবনে””| Last month, I penned an article about বাঙালির একটি গুরুদেব| On this পঁচিশে বৈশাখ (25th day of Vaishakha month) and on the 159th birth anniversary, I could not not write about বাঙালির আর একজন গুরুদেব, Rabindranath Tagore, especially when I have my “Masalamug”☕ If ever there were four immortality pills ???? created, three of them should have …

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The phenomenon of Kishore Kumar

Four masterpieces that exemplify the brilliance of one “Abhas Kumar Ganguly”

Reading Time: 5 minutes …say who again! This man who was probably half the reason for the style that everyone admired in Bollywood’s “Gregory देव Peck”, the reason why woman swooned over the beloved “Rajesh काका”, and the bat-shit craze that followed the “Angry Young लम्बू Man”. And as I listen to his songs repeatedly day after day, and discover new ones even now, I cannot but admire the exceptional talent this man was. This man………….the legend………….KISHORE KUMAR………….was born as Abhas Kumar Ganguly. Everyone has a list for this genius, and so do I. After all, I am but one of you. But I …

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