Kipchoge taking Energy gels for running

Energy Gels for Running – Easy Explanation and Comparison

Reading Time: 7 minutes In less than 6 weeks, I am planning to be at the starting line of the Chicago Marathon and in 10 weeks, the New York Marathon. This month will be peak mileage which means that fuelling will play a key role to ensure spot-on training sessions and fast recovery for the next workout. In the past, I have tried multiple energy gels but they were all recommendations from my running community without a first hand research. Now that I am about to buy gels in bulk for this racing season (and I’ve got more conscious about what I consume), I …

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coffee can portfolio 2021 2020 cover image

Coffee Can Portfolio: 2023, 2022, 2021 List of Stocks + How To Build

Reading Time: 13 minutes “Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it.” Albert Einstein  If you already know What a Coffee Can Portfolio or Coffee Can Investing is, jump right to the main topic of the blog – How to invest in the Coffee Can Portfolio. If you’re here just to see the list of coffee can portfolio 2023 stocks, jump right here. If there is one key learning to safe investing in the stock market, it is to buy stocks of “good companies” and hold them for long. Holding stocks for …

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Common running injuries for beginners

Outrunning Injury: 8 Beginner Running Injuries and How to Prevent/ Recover

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you’re a beginner runner, it’s important to be aware of the common injuries that can occur during training. In this blog post, we will cover the most common beginner running injuries – from runner’s knee to IT band syndrome. We will also try and cover ways to prevent and recover. 1. Runner’s Knee Runner’s knee, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, is a common running injury that is characterised by a dull, achy pain underneath the kneecap. This type of pain can occur during a run or after a hard workout, and it may worsen with activity or in …

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London marathon 2022 cover image

10 Seconds Can’t Take My Happiness Away – The London Marathon Experience

Reading Time: 7 minutes I planned to run the London Marathon aiming to raise $2620 for the Worldwide Cancer Research and a couple of months into the fundraising, my dear friend Rajnish joined me. Apart from Delhi, London is the only city where I have lived and getting a chance to run in that city was a dream come true. When I signed up with dear friend and coach Nivi for the marathon training (for the 3rd time!), she asked about my goal and my answer was to finish strong without any injuries (during the training block or the race), enjoy the beautiful course …

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happy run cover image runners smiling faces

What Is Your “Happy Run”? Mine is 3 + 6 + 7 + 9!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Running is one activity that has been a constant part of my life for the last 4 years. Through running I meet new people, visit new places, and most importantly it boosts my overall confidence and keeps my mind in control. Through this post, my intention is not to talk about the benefits of running. It’s the next stage – once you do understand the benefits and have made running a part of your lifestyle, what about it makes you happy? The topic is incomplete without a mention of runner’s high i.e. the sense of euphoria (sense of extreme joy …

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cannot focus - not productive

How to Stay Productive Amidst the Deadly COVID-19 Second Wave

Reading Time: 4 minutes India is about to reach half a million reported COVID19 cases a day. Your Whatsapp is beeping every minute. Every single group – work, friends, hobbies – is full of SOS messages. There’s no oxygen, there are no beds, there are no medicines. Most likely there are people in your family/ extended family, close friends who are down with Covid19 (If you/ immediate family have been infected, you can skip reading this article for now. Ensure you have consulted a doctor and are following the prescribed medication/ next steps) It’s a working day. How do you focus and stay productive …

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I have a joke cover image

“I Have A Joke” Tweets That Are Breaking The Internet – A Compilation

Reading Time: 2 minutes “I have a joke” one liners have taken the twitter world by storm. Personally, this has been one of the wittiest trends to go viral since I signed up on Twitter more than a decade ago. From tax cuts to unemployment to marathons to startups, there is a joke about everything. Amidst the pandemic, these memes and jokes have managed to keep the spirits high. The mania started with users sharing jokes on different professions. Very soon, it picked up stereotypes, issues, causes and controversies. Most organisations were fast picking up the trend and share their voice in the hope …

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Man with a covid19 mask

More Than Two-Thirds of COVID19 Deaths in India From 10 Most Populated Cities – Analysis

Reading Time: 6 minutes The population share of the ten most populated cities in India is only 5% of the total population but two-thirds of Covid19 deaths in India are being reported from these 10 cities. This skew was expected, however, I wanted to do this analysis and see if any patterns can be found. For those of you who are short on time, I have highlighted the key points so you can just scroll through quickly. You are more than welcome to read further on how I came up with these and some more data and graphs to back these up. Please note …

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Corona Lockdown

4 Ways To Make the Most of the COVID-19 Lockdown

Reading Time: 6 minutes If your lifestyle and work schedule is like mine, this Covid-19 lockdown must be giving you at least 2 hours of extra time every day (less travel!). If your job has been impacted due to the pandemic, then that extra time will be higher. Some people are making the best use of this time – learning, resting, retrospecting, creating. Watching the number of infected people 5 times a day on 3 news and 4 social media channels won’t add any value. This is the time to get healthy, up your game with new skills and declutter your life. Here is …

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