12 Picture Postcards From Montenegro For A Quick Virtual Trip

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Don’t you love postcards? Pictures from people’s travels with personalised short messages with it. Don’t you feel the warmth and love that someone remembered you in those moments? As a kid, I have always been fascinated with them. So, here I am, sharing some ‘digital postcards” from my travel to Montenegro.  

1. Mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos 

The steps leading to the Mausoleum

A panoramic view from the Mausoleum like no other, you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.  

Sculptor of Njegos made of a single black stone

A popular tourist attraction of Lovcen, and officially the highest mausoleum in the world, sits at the top of its second highest peak (Jezersky Vrh)at 1660 metres. Steeped in history, war, and politics, it is the final resting place of the most important man in Montenegrin history, Njegos, a ruler and a poet-philosopher. The drive to the mausoleum through the national park will refresh you and prepare you for a hike of about 461 steps through an architecturally interesting tunnel to reach the top. There, you will be enchanted by the statue of giantesses welcoming you and guarding the tomb(). Walk a few steps behind it, and you reach the breathtaking circular platform, where you feel one among the mountain peaks. It gives a panoramic view of the whole of Montenegro. An indescribable experience, this is a must-visit.  

Two caryatids, female figures carved in stone

2. Skadar lake 

The magnificent Lake Skadar

“All good things are wild and free”  

Henry David Thoreau

This is what this vast freshwater lake is about, Balkan’s largest lake with two-thirds parts in Montenegro and one-third in Albania. On the Montenegrin side, it has been a protected national park since 1983 and one of the most important birding sanctuaries in the Balkans.   

Surrounded and interspersed with bare-top karst mountains, it boasts such diverse flora and fauna. You can drive, hike around, or do boat excursions on it.   

A magical experience indeed. We did a boat ride on a particularly sunny day, I felt like Alice in the wonderland juggling with as many emotions as the various landscapes that this lake offers.  

3. Upper Ostrog Monastery 

Upper Ostrog Monastery

“The ultimate act of power is surrender”

Krishna Das
Beautiful stories at the monastery courtyard

This one-of-a-kind bright white coloured monastery is carved in a large rock, located on a cliff face 900m above the Zeta Valley. It is the most important site for Orthodox Christians, attracting up to a million visitors annually. Pilgrims come to visit St Basil’s relics which are well preserved in one of the cave churches and are believed to have miraculous powers. This a holy place for Roman Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslims. There are beautiful seventeenth-century frescoes painted by Master Radul, directly on the cave walls. It is traditional for pilgrims to walk the 3 km from the lower monastery to the upper monastery barefoot and also bring donations.   

A place where I felt the calm and quiet of worship and also enjoyed the visual splendour of colours in the frescoes. 

Soak in the colours of the frescoes painted by Master Radul

4. Finally, Some Postcards From The Bay Of Kotor 

Enjoy the spectacular red roofs of Kotor

And not one! Why, you ask? Because Bay of Kotor is the whole package, IYKYK. (OMG, never thought I would use that abbreviation!)

5. Streets Of Kotor

The sea, the medieval towns, the cobbled streets, the shops, the food, the hospitality, the red roofs, the yachts, and did I mention the Kotor cats just enchants you.  

7. Hikes at Kotor City

Hike on the Kotor city walls to St John’s Fortress

You choose your vibe for that day in the Bay. There is history, beauty, activities like hiking and swimming and also there is just plain chill in the air here. In summer, you will find almost everyone in colourful swimwear.  

8. Gorgeous Sunsets

Explore the artist in you\

9. Kotor Bay- A Seafood Paradise

10. Historic Churches

Visit a church

11. Long Drives & Coffee Breaks At Perast Bay

Linger along at the Perast Bay and have some coffee

12. The Iconic Crni Rizot

And lastly IYKYK, I could not leave this place without having Crni Rizot, refer to Croatia article

And finally, if you visit Montenegro, remember me and do not forget to send me a postcard! 

Drive along the coast and stop to take in the views

All images are captured by author Sudeshna Maitra

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